13 Oct

Mesh Office Chairs – Top 5 Benefits

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How a chair performs is just as critical as it looks and feels.

Apart from leatherette and rexin, mesh chairs are a popular upholstery option for office chairs and offer multi-fold benefits. As one of the most trusted office chair suppliers, HOF offers a wide range of mesh office chairs online India, each packed with ergonomically advanced design for maximum comfort all day long.

5 Benefits of Mesh Office Chairs

We discover the 5 benefits of mesh office chairs and why mesh chairs are a durable and reliable seating option over the classic leather or rexin chairs.

Breath-ability with Ventilation And Airflow:

One of the primary benefits of mesh office chairs is breathability – their ability to provide better ventilation and air-flow. Their perforated surface helps avoid sweat and keeps your back cool and dry . This also helps reduce fatigue and allows you to focus better on work. Office chairs like the HOF Marco 1007H or HOF Newton are designed for better human health, comfort and safety. Together with lumbar back support these mesh office chairs offer excellent value for money.

Better Flexibility:

The strong mesh pattern offers excellent support and comfort. It helps maintain the natural spine posture while giving adequate support to lower and upper back muscles. Their ergonomic design and light-weight structure keeps you comfortable all day long. Together with an upholstered seat, mesh chairs offer a contoured support for excellent back support. The HOF Priviya 7005 or Marco 1008 M are an excellent example of how mesh chairs offer better flexibility.

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Resistant to Wear And Tear:

The strong mesh pattern is less likely to lose its shape or density. In comparison to upholstered rexin or leather, mesh fabric is less likely to rip or tear. Further due to its perforated surface, it makes it impossible for odor to cling onto it even after years of use.

Easier To Clean and Maintain:

The perforated surface and breath-ability feature of mesh office chairs makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Use Less Space and Ultra-Modern Look:

Contemporary and sleek design of mesh office chairs ensure that they occupy less space compared to traditional chairs, thus making your office appear more spacious.

HOF Zone:

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