5 Nov

Let Your Sofa Make a Style Statement for You

A modern home is incomplete without quirky pieces of furniture and a smart living room is certainly imperfect without the presence of a striking sofa. Sofas are predominantly adored due to the fact that they come in a range of solid colours, prints as well as embellishments. A sofa set can be used to merge seamlessly into both, vibrant rooms as well as mellow ones. Along with style, sofas score extremely high on the functionality factor and are great utility fixtures.

If you are looking to make a statement with your living space, start with choosing the right fit and type that suits your needs as well as personality. Here are a few ideas on how you can add a little character and spruce up your home spaces with the help of a sofa:

Very Berry Bold: The first thing to plan and consider while buying a sofa your room is the colour of the sofa. Furniture trends may keep changing but bold and solid coloured sofa pieces are a classic. Sofas that have a vibrant fabric and bright texture are immediately eye-catching. The sofas will not only become the focal point of your room but also bring a little drama to any living room layout.

HOF Style Statement Sofas

The Right Light: In any setting, lights create a calming effect and can instantly bring change to both, traditional and flashy designs. To highlight specific sections of your room, place the right kind of lights above your sofa. An assortment of lights can be used ranging from bouquets of filament lights to chandeliers. If you are unsure about hanging lights, you can also choose ceiling lights to work their magic around your statement sofa.

The Right Light - HOF Sofa Sets

Be Art Smart: It is a well- known fact that art and architecture go hand in hand. While conceptualizing an idea for what you want your room to look like, make mental notes of the kind of artwork that will be there. Frames and paintings are one of the most popular ways to add glamour to your living room’s walls. Pieces of art that have contrasting colours to your décor work excellently to create a balance.

Be Art Smart - HOF Sofas

Label the Coffee Table: Most modern houses have a table in the centre surrounded by their savvy sofas. By matching the style of your coffee table to the vibe of your sofas, you are basically making a match made in heaven! Make note of the possible colours as well as materials of the coffee table that will go well with your statement sofa sets.

Label the Coffee Table - HOF Sofas

Gallons of Balance: It might sometimes be tricky to work with bold colours as they can come off as too strong and loud which could prove to be too intense for your liking. In such a case, it is necessary to master the know-how of striking the right chord for perfect balance. Light coloured accessories work wonderfully with bright coloured sofas; similarly, fewer décor elements can accentuate the natural charm of the house.

Gallons of Balance - HOF Sofa Sets

At HOF, we are dedicated to helping you increase the style quotient of your statement sofa without compromising on your comfort level. Visit shop.hofindia.com NOW to give your living space that WOW factor!