11 May

Leather Furniture Trends to watch out in 2018

HOF Chairs

The fact that trends are going to change every year applies to the furniture industry as well. If you are planning on redesigning your space then being aware of the latest furniture trends will help you give a contemporary look to the décor. There is a possibility that one of the latest trends is precisely something that you are looking for. Everyone wants to look trendy, but definitely not a victim of one. This is why it is important to know which trends will serve you the best. Some of the hottest furniture trends to look forward in 2018 are:

Living room color trends – 2018 is turning out to be an interesting year when it comes to colors. One of the trends in furniture is colorful leather furniture. A colorful piece of furniture can be a great addition to the space which feels bland and will also add some flare to the décor. Not only rich, earth tones are extremely popular but also certain shades of pastel. A particular color might be really popular right now but you also need to keep in mind that few years down the line, are you still going to like it? If there is a new shade that you have discovered, then it is best to take some time before making the purchase.

Scandinavian Influence – Scandinavian influence is minimalism with a twist. The colors chosen are cool and the room design is uncluttered. Scandinavian influenced furniture design utilizes natural elements like white wood as opposed to plastic furniture. One can follow this trend by choosing a white or deep blue leather couch.

Larger Furniture Pieces – Home fashionistas are choosing fluffy and cozy seating in 2018. You can choose an overstuffed leather chair to create a comfortable reading nook. Furniture made from leather is also long lasting, so one might want to carefully choose a design of the oversized piece of furniture that they would prefer in the long run as well.

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