10 Aug

Know Which Type of Chair is Perfect For You

Professional Chairs are form of a luxury

Office chairs form the most integral part a working individual’s life. Since most of the tasks performed at the workplace involve sitting, a comfortable and easy to use chair is extremely important. A good office chair is one that makes spending eight hours in an office easier. However, the process of buying a chair best suited to your needs may not always sail smoothly as there are various kinds available. Here are a few types of workplace chairs to help you make your decision:

Executive Chairs: If you occupy a position in the top management and are looking for a chair, choose the executive way. A variety of features such as adjustable seat heights, tilt mechanisms and lumbar support make these chairs a popular choice. Executive office chairs are bigger in size and come with full back support extending to the shoulder area. Chairs such as MARCO 1001H are of the highest quality and are limited to the senior executive. They are designed specifically to give a modern and elegant touch to the workplace.

Mesh Chairs: If you are looking for a healthy seating option, mesh chairs must be your go-to. Mesh chairs, along with their uniquely shaped frames are in reality, made of fabric that is porous and lets you breathe. These office chairs require minimal maintenance and provide optimal ventilation. Chairs like MARCO 1014 provide full support to your back, preventing lower back pain. Mesh chairs form a perfect blend of comfort, style and durability.

Revolving Chairs: If you are someone whose top priorities are movement and flexibility, revolve your way in. A swivel or revolving chair comes with a single central leg that allows it to rotate 360 degrees either to the left or right. These chairs are considered to be ergonomic as they are designed to provide maximum comfort to the user. The BOSS 421 is the perfect choice for any office going individual. All office chairs must be revolving chairs as they prove to be more durable in the long run.

Visitor Chairs: If you are seeking to make an impression, get a visitor chair for your office. Visitor chairs help set the tone and vibe for what guests can expect once they enter in to your work space. The right waiting room seats create a lasting visual and bring in a warm and welcoming feeling. The OLIVIYA 3003 ensures that all visitors wait in comfort and leave your company with a sense of pride and honour.

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