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Is Yellow the new Millennial Pink for home & office decor?

Is Yellow the new Millennial Pink for home & office decor?

Raise your hands up if you are constantly on the lookout for new decor trends and can’t wait to give your house or office a little transformation. Every year, new trends make their way to the market and tempt us to upgrade our space with the emerging micro trends. While trends come and go, they do at a different pace – some trends last for a season and some remain popular for years. If you scroll through your Instagram, you will see tons of décor inspo doing rounds on your feed. Last year, the blush pink or muted pink was the talk of the town. Almost every décor picture had a dash of pink – accent walls, curtains, furniture, sheets, cushions and throws etc. But like all good trends, millennial pink has run its course and the colour yellow took decor and styling world by storm. It has replaced millennial pink and is ready to rule the styling and designing world.

Whether it’s down to fall’s favourite shade or hues of sunshine seen on famous influencers and celebrities – the colour yellow is in big news and it is here to stay, unlike other micro trends. It is not meant for just temporary tweaks; it is rather a permanent commitment. Yellow is the colour of happiness – it ranges from mellow yellow to the vibrant sunshine hues of yellow.

Read on and you will discover how incorporating the colour yellow can transform your home and give life to the existing décor with a little bit of tweaking. 

Yellow accent walls 

Spruce up your space with a fun, free-spirited and expressionist accent walls. It will add a punchy personality to your living space and create a playful mood. Accent walls make the interior of your home pop by becoming the focal point of the space. With colour such as yellow, the options in yellow accent walls are numerous – you can choose plain solid yellow, geometric designs and patterns. Make your walls eye-catching and cheerful by integrating different shades of yellow. 

Is Yellow the new Millennial Pink for home & office decor?

Yellow Sofas for home and furniture

Go with the neutral tones for the walls and keep vibrant hues of yellow for the key pieces like sofas and statement master chair. It will be a perfect combination of flashy and splashy with the subtle and elusive elements. The yellow sofa adds a burst of unapparelled sunshine to the interiors and changes it from drab to fab!  Sofas are a star element of your house and the colour yellow is a sure-fire way of making your place

Is Yellow the new Millennial Pink for home & office decor?HOF Victa

Is Yellow the new Millennial Pink for home & office decor?

You can also add yellow furniture to the CEO/ Director’s office – it will definitely add feel-good vibes on a dull, monotonous and long office day. A workplace is a place where lots of conversations happen, yellow stimulates mental thoughts and encourage communication as well. 

Yellow art pieces and throw pillows

Breathe new life in your living space by bringing patterns and pastels of yellow throw pillows and throw blankets. It will highlight the sofa pieces and chairs. When you go shopping for pillows always go with this formula – one small print, one solid and one big print. Create a symmetrical arrangement with this formula and see your house oozing brightness.

When a new trend makes its way in the market, it is not always easy to pick the trend. Some trends require huge investment while some require a little bit of smart work. You can integrate the yellow trend by bringing together visual arts and paintings in yellow colour. Play with different shapes and hang them in diptych or triptych pattern, meaning 2 or 3 panels of art that flow.

 Is Yellow the new Millennial Pink for home & office decor?

A reading space with a yellow master chair

A reading room is a space where you sink into a chair with your favorite read and get lost in the literary world. Only book lovers know the worldly pleasures of some quality time alone with a great book and how therapeutic the whole experience is. It becomes really worthwhile if the seating is inviting and comfortable.

This tip is for all the bibliophiles out there! To jazz things up a little in the reading room, add an electric glamour to your personal reading space by bringing in the yellow master chair. It will give an element of quirk and maintain the visual harmony of the reading room.

Is Yellow the new Millennial Pink for home & office decor?

   Aaram Chair

 All things considered

How much yellow is too much yellow? We can’t tell, can you? Be it a living room or office space, give them an edgier and happier look with a dash of sunshine from the HOF’s exquisite range of yellow sofas. These sofas are available in fabric, leatherette and other materials to match your preferences. One caveat though – It will be hard to resist yourself from unwinding on our comfortable bright sofas. Head to shop.hofindia.com and seal the deal of designing a dreamy and magical living space!