12 Mar

Importance of adjustable armrests in office chairs

Office Chairs

Do you know why there are armrests in office chairs?


Try sitting on a chair which doesn’t have the armrests and working for an hour or so. You’ll get the answer, maybe feel it too!

The absence of armrests encourage you to slump in the chair. You won’t feel comfortable while leaning forward to the desk or even while resting. Both these positions cause strain on the spine which ultimately leads to back pain.

Armrests are important because,

  • They help you get in and out of the chair easily
  • They offer lateral support
  • They offer arm support and relieve strain in neck and shoulders
  • They add an extra seating comfort by relaxing the arms

Moreover, height and comfort varies from person to person and hence, it is important that the armrests are adjustable. If they are not, there may be some potential hazards and discomfort in sitting for long hours. Let’s have a deep look into it!

Big armrests

Big armrests can interfere the positioning of the chair. And if they are as heighted as the desk, then they may make you lean forward in your office chair in order to reach the desk.

High armrests

High armrests force you to keep your shoulders raised, which may result in muscle tension in shoulders and neck areas.

Low armrests

If they are positioned too low, they may cause you to rest on one of the forearms which may lead to an awkward sitting posture.

Too distant

When the armrests are positioned at slightly a wider distance than normal, the user has to adjust his/her shoulders to comfortably rest on them. And for this, the muscles of the neck, spine and shoulder together have to hold up the user’s arms, which in turn causes strain to the muscles.

Too close

If they are placed very close, then they may restrict your body to get out of the chair and irritate you.


The solution of all these hazards is adjustable armrests. But in case the seat pan width of the user is more than the average body, then they would need the armrests positioned wide. In that case, Multifunctional Armrests is the best option! They can swivel inwards and glide medially to allow the user rest his/her arms near to the body without forcing the arms to spread.


A chair is one of the most crucial piece of furniture when office furniture is being talked about. We generally don’t think much before buying an office chair but we should! It is necessary to have adjustable armrests in our chairs because they support the upper torso of the body and reduce the strain on shoulder and neck while working.

If you are planning to buy a new chair, there are numerous options available in the market. You can also consider buying it online.

So buy a comfortable office chair with adjustable arms and give your body a strain-free working experience!