10 Mar

How to make your workspace more productive?

A number of factors contribute to a person’s stress level or how committed he or she feels towards their work. One thing is clear that a bad office design won’t contribute in making things better for the employees. Some of the major reasons for frustration of employees in a workspace are lack of space, unsatisfactory temperatures and lightning, noise distractions, lack of sound privacy, lack of visual privacy and unpleasant colors and textures. Here are a few tips to make your office employee friendly:

Ask your employees–Your employees are the experts on best working conditions for them and it’s important to ask. A one-on-one conversation usually works better than mandatory email surveys. Also, you can consider having a group discussion with your employees which will help you to know their preferences well.


Keep brand centric approach –An office design is not only functional but also serves as a communication tool to your clients about what to expect from the brand and it also turns out to be a powerful way to instill your company’s culture in the employees. Think about unique ways in which your office reflects your brand. For instance, when it comes to a young advertising startup, bean bags will represent a flexible and carefree environment.


Give priority to ergonomics–Prevent musculoskeletal issues of employees by developing ergonomically designed workstations. Make sure that employees are allowed to get up and move around frequently along with comfortable spaces in the office for them to take breaks. This will drastically improve their productivity. Investment in ergonomics will translate into less employee absenteeism and fewer health issues related to incorrect posture.


Offer autonomy–Different tasks require different kinds of workstations. For a task that requires focus and constant phone calls, a quiet room is an ideal place. On the other hand, for group projects, collaborative workspaces increase the productivity of employees. According to a survey, the most innovative employees spent less time at their own desks and more time collaborating with other employees in conference rooms, café spaces and other meeting areas.


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