4 May

How to Ensure Maximum Comfort From Your Office Chair

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An office chair is one of the most used items in an office setup but also the most undervalued. There is a huge range of office chairs available in the market in terms of prices and quality, but the comfort of a chair can be vastly improved if it is properly set up to suit your body type. According to the Government Health and Safety Executive, not taking ergonomics into consideration can result in a number of problems like injuries, fatigue and discomfort. Therefore, something as simple as a well configured chair can have a significant impact on the quantity and quality of work.

How Adjustable is a Chair?

The available number of chair adjustments can be largely grouped into three categories:

Proportional Adjustments These adjustments ensure that the chair is setup according to your body proportions. Seat height adjustment moves the chair up and down to adjust to length of the lower leg. Back lumber support adjustment in Marco 1007 ensures that your lower back gets appropriate support irrespective of your height.

Arm Adjustments Adjustable arm rests in a chair ensure maximum comfort for your arms. Many office chairs feature fixed arms, but some chair models also offer arm rests with adjustable height. This feature will enable maximum comfort even if the height of your desk changes or you has permanently moved to a new place in the office.

Posture Adjustments – Such adjustments allow seat and the back to be tilted to maximize comfort for a variety of tasks. With the tilt adjustment, the entire seating unit i.e. seat base and back can be adjusted as per your use. For instance, synchro mechanism in ergonomic office chair Marco 1001 makes it possible for you to lock the chair in multiple positions. On the other hand, angle adjustment in chairs allows independent angles of both the seat base and back. Choosing a right ergonomic chair is important but the significance of sitting in correct posture at office can’t be ignored.

 The Ideal Set up of an Office Chair

How high should an office chair be?

A correct seat height should allow you to place your feet flat on the ground with your knees between 90 to 110 degree angles. To attain this posture, raise the chair to its full height and slowly lower it until your legs are in correct position. Back height should be adjusted in a manner where it appropriately fits into the curve of your spine.

How far back should one sit in a chair?

An ideal posture would be the back resting comfortably against the back cushion. If there is not a gap of around 5 cm between the edge of your seat and calves, then adjust the seat depth or glide of your chair to comfortably position yourself.

How high should an office chair’s arm rest be?

An appropriate adjustment for arm rests is that they touch your elbows when your arm hangs by your side with a 90 degree angle at the elbow. For this arrangement of the arm rests, drop them to their lowest level. Position yourself with your arms hanging loose by your side before bending your elbows to 90 degree. Then raise the arm rests to the point that they just make contact with the elbows.

How else can a workday be made more comfortable?

Usually the posture settings depend on the kind of task being carried out. They should be adjusted in a manner where you get maximum comfort during your day to day tasks. A well-adjusted office chair can make a noteworthy difference to your working day, but it is also important to keep moving throughout the day.

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