31 May

How to Choose Best Ergonomic Chair for Software Professionals

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If you are software professional, you know that during prolong hours of sitting, comfort is extremely important.

A chair is absolutely fundamental part of your work as software programmers because the nature of job demands sitting long hours. The long hours of work together with a sedentary lifestyle, poor posture and excess eye strain tend to take a toll on the health. This often leads to several musculoskeletal problems puts them at a high risk of a spinal and neck injury.

Buying an ergonomic office chairs is one of the smartest investment that you as an IT professional can make for yourself or your company. You should see ergonomic office chairs as long term investments with multiple trickling down benefits that include enhancing your productivity to boosting employee morale.

Here are the top 3 features you must ensure when choosing best quality ergonomic chairs for software professionals?

Adjustable seat/height with tilt mechanism:

According to research IT professionals generally sit for more than 2 hours at a stretch. However, sitting long hours puts stress on the lumbar region of spine, neck and thighs. Therefore a chair with adjustable height helps keep your feet parallel to the ground depending whether you are short or tall. Similarly adjustable seat with waterfall seat design and tilt mechanism that may range from multi-function, knee-tilt or Synchro-tile helps adjust the body weight and how the seat and back move.

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Chair Arm Rests:

Adjustable arm-rests avoid causing strains and stiffness to your shoulders and arms. Resting the arms on the chair arm rests helps remove strain on neck and upper back. Further adjustable arm rests help avoid causing raised shoulders when armrests are high or slouching when too low.

Fabric: Thermally neutral chair helps increase your efficiency. Unlike the traditional chairs with foam padding, thermally neutral chair with its porous and breathable fabric keeps heat and moisture away from skin surface. Thus you get long hours of comfort.

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