22 Oct

How to Buy Revolving Chairs for Office or Home?

Buy Revolving Chairs for Office

Revolving chair have come a long way since it was invented by Thomas Jefferson and purportedly was the chair on which he drafted the American Declaration of Independence. These are almost a norm in the modern office that has open, flexible spaces which promote collaboration to enhance productivity and employee satisfaction.

Revolving chairs bring flexibility and comfort to a workplace. Apart from the benefit of easy mobility, revolving chairs provide additional comfort during prolong hours of sitting at the desk as they help balance the user’s weight. This helps in avoiding fatigue, strain on back and contributes to increased efficiency.

However for your revolving chair to deliver you the maximum benefits, you must ensure that they conform to the quality guidelines and standards set by ANSI/BIFMA and are manufactured by a trusted and reputed office chairs suppliers or manufacturer. The entire range of HOF chairs spread across various categories like office chairs, premium chairs, professional chairs and more are scientifically designed and manufactured as also conform to world class quality standards to deliver you maximum value and ultimate comfort.

Revolving Chairs in India

How to Buy Revolving Chairs

When buying revolving chairs it is advisable to focus on quality of the materials used and whether the chair conforms to quality guidelines. It is better to invest and stretch your budget so that you can enjoy much needed comfort for years. So what are the major points you must consider when you buy revolving chairs online in India or at your nearest HOF Zone store:

High Quality Material Base:

A high-grade wheel base is both durable and has the ability to withstand heavy load. The most popular 5 spoke swivel base allows more stability and helps balance the body weight. Executive chairs come with a swivel base in Chrome, Veneer Wood or Aluminum finish that add to the look of the chair, thus making them a great style statement for the CEO’s cabin and top management. The HOF Marco 1005 H or the HOF ZEBA 541 are excellent examples of such chairs.

Good Quality Castors:

High-quality casters allow for a smooth rotating motion and rolling effect. The glass-filled nylon -wheel casters are among the most popular choice and usually found in all high-quality revolving chairs. They offer reduced friction and have weight capacity that is at par with most metal wheels and are suitable for almost all surfaces. Each one of our HOF office chairs feature twin-wheel glass-filled nylon casters because they are durable and resist hard impacts.

Conforms to ANSI/ BIFMA Quality Standards:

High-quality revolving chairs must conform to guidelines set by BIMFA and undergo tests like the Base Test, Swivel Test – Cyclic and Caster/ Unit Base Durability Test – Cyclic to ensure safety and durability.

Discover the widest range of HOF revolving chairs online in India to handpick your favorite chairs for your office or home today.