10 Jun

How sectional sofas double your home style statement?

HOF Fabric Sofas

Do you want a versatile makeover for your home? The sectional sofa not only adds a stylish statement to your living room and home but also adds space and personality. Give your home a trendy look this season with the modern Italian design of HOF fabric sofas inspired by the 2016 trend of the Scandinavian design.

Stylish and versatile, they are a fun way to redecorate your living room every now and then, thus giving your room different styles and personality. Want to have a more modern look, simply spread them across the home choosing the 1-seater, 2-seater, 3-seater distinctly for a more spacious look.

Sectional like the HOF BREVA or HOF VERA are excellent examples of how sectional sofas add unmatched charm to a living room. How about the classic look with one big family sofa in the corner? Simply join the sofa set with its 3+1 and you have transformed your living room into a stunning presence.

Contemporary styling and soft colors ensure that apart from flexible, you can also use them to blend into various design themes. Got a nautical look planned this month or want to keep a bohemian look for the party this weekend? Sectional sofas effortlessly make a statement with their versatility and affordability.

HOF Sofa Sets

However at the outset, know your room dynamics to choose from the Right Arm Facing (RAF) or the Left Arm Facing (LAF) since you will be joining two or more pieces. Keeping this factor in mind helps optimize space in your living room, while of course comfort is equally important. Will it be in the living room and used mainly for watching TV? Understanding the LAF and RAF will help you make most of your investment.

There are different types of sectional sofas such as the L-shaped, U- shaped or the classic three-sided sectional sofa to choose from and HOF offers you an amazing selection this season.  HOF fabric sofas are designed in HOF’s design studio in Milan, Italy and manufactured in state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in India. Made in solid, termite proof wood structure these come with fabric stitched on German machines and come with 5-years parts repair and replacement warranty.

Discover amazing selection of sectional sofas at HOF now. Visit www.shop.hofindia.com today.