10 May

HOF’s specially-designed revolving chairs for better comfort

Hof Chairs

Appealing aesthetics, smooth finishes, endless upholstery options and sleek designs – need we say more about HOF chairs? Well, this is what we have been continually delivering to our customers since HOF’s genesis. We have always crafted our chairs with great perfection and keeping in mind the ergonomics.

Working professionals face many challenges and difficulties in their routine at their workplace. While keeping in mind them, we have developed a range of ergonomically designed revolving chairs. Such ergonomic revolving chairs provide whole day comfort and have adjustable controls that let you sit for many hours without hurting your back.

One chair design fits all!
An ideal chair is the one that is neutral in position and the one that goes well with all the types of body shapes, sizes, structure and height. Your revolving chair should not impart any kind of pressure anywhere on the body of sitter. It is interestingly possible that people of different heights and sizes distribute the pressure in similar fashion. But on the other side, with different people, the pressure intensity might also vary. They focus on the key areas where the sitter exerts more pressure. This aspect is one of the most crucial aspects for comfortable sitting experience. Actually, when there is high surface pressure, there is contraction in blood vessels in your back portion. This is why the sitter experiences discomfort while sitting.

But our revolving chairs have special curves which counter pressure that make you feel comfortable. The modest yet fundamental and pose fitting curves of our revolving chairs are the integral part of what makes HOF revolving chairs comfy for long hour working. Our revolving chairs are designed in a way that they support the way your pelvis tilts naturally forward, so that your spine stays naturally aligned and you don’t have to suffer back pain.

All HOF chairs are crafted to fit all the body types. They come with adjustable controls and so, you can make your chair suitable to your body as per your requirement. Check out the range of our ergonomic revolving chairs online, now!