28 Dec

HOF’s Marco Series Combines Comfort with Class

ergonomic office chairs for short people

HOF believes that when it comes to office furniture, nothing can beat comfort. We also understand that with the increase in modern workspaces, furniture must be adaptable and must look professional. So, we amalgamated comfort with class in our top-selling product series, the MARCO SERIES. These chairs are made of mesh which is a porous and breathable fabric. Along with comfort, the MARCO chairs are ergonomic and suited to your needs while you work in the office:

MARCO 1007 H:  If you are looking for a comfortable yet trendy seating option, mesh chairs are your saviours. Mesh chairs, along with their uniquely shaped frames are in reality, made of fabric that is porous and lets you breathe. These office chairs require minimal maintenance and provide optimal ventilation. Chairs like MARCO 1007 H provide full support to your back, preventing lower back pain. Mesh chairs form a perfect blend of comfort, style and durability so that you can sit for long hours without any pain.

MARCO 1001 H:  The Marco 1001 H is a Professional Executive chair. This chair is designed to suit different body structures. Thick cushions in the seat and back give appropriate support to the back. Executive office chairs are bigger in size and come with full back support extending to the shoulder area. Chairs such as MARCO 1001H are made of the highest quality material and are limited to the senior executives. It is the perfect chair if you are looking to make a lasting impression on your visitors.

MARCO 1008 M:  The MARCO 1008 M is an Ergonomic Medium Mesh back chair. The seat and the back can be tilted to maximize comfort for a variety of tasks. With the tilt adjustment, the entire seating unit i.e. seat base and back can be adjusted as per your use. For instance, the synchro mechanism enables you to lock the chair in multiple positions. On the other hand, angle adjustment in the chair allows independent angles for both the seat base and back. Choosing the right ergonomic office chair is important as a good chair leads to a good posture in the workplace.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on our MARCO chairs today at shop.hofindia.com!