15 Feb

HOF – Top Selling Products

HOF is the pioneer of ergonomically designed office furniture and continues to be a trusted chair manufacturer for over 30 years. The brand is the most preferred and trusted choice of the customers for buying premium quality professional chairs, revolving chairs and student chairs. HOF helps leading organizations in designing a workspace that promotes well-being and inspires people. It is known to have the widest range of ergonomically designed office chairs. Some of the highest selling chair models of HOF across India are:

Boss Premium – The Boss chair is one of the preferred chairs for offices of top management in corporate sector. It adds a touch of elegance with its waterfall design to the décor of a director’s cabin. Along with this, the 4 way adjustable head rest makes it the most unique product amongst our collection of premium chairs. Specific features of the chair such as knee tilt synchro mechanism along with multi position locking system makes it one of the most comfortable chairs for sitting during long working hours.


Carbon High Back – Carbon high back is the highest selling model of ITO series. The reason for the popularity of the chair is its low price along with a design that goes well in any kind of work place. Its chrome base gives you the desired sophisticated look in a workspace. This chair is the most appropriate for your staff as it can fit into your budget as well as provides sufficient comfort to the employees to maintain their productivity in the working hours.


Molto Premium – Any position back lock system along with cushioned arm rest gives you the ultimate level of comfort. Along with the comfort, aesthetic appeal of the Molto chair is also an important aspect. Its aluminum base with veneer finish cladding enhances its overall appearance. When you select a rexin color for the chair that aligns well with the interiors of your office, it can turn out to be the center of attraction for everyone who enters that space.


Marco 1001 – This chair is designed to suit different body structures. Thick cushions in the seat and back give appropriate support to the back. The padded arm rest in the chair also turns out to be an incredible support to your arms during the regular working hours. These chairs are best suitable for conference rooms where third party to the business is generally hosted. Marco 1001 turns out to be the perfect chair to make that lasting impression on the visitors.


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