21 Apr

HOF ruled the International Design Fair at Milan, Italy

HOF Furniture Fair at Milan

The grand international design fair ‘Brera Design District Milano 2016’ was recently held at Brera district of Milan in Italy. It was organized on the theme of ‘Progettare é ascoltare (Design is listening)’ with the understanding that the rigor of design thinking and the rigor of a musical composition are very similar.

We are happy to share with you that along with some great brands from around the world, HOF had also actively participated in this design fair. We feel honored that we got an opportunity to showcase world’s oldest civilization over there and we did it through our new range of sofas.

Presenting Indian civilization through our unique sofa range!

In order to promote our culture at the prestigious international platform, a unique combination of contemporary design and fine craftsmanship was prepared by Mann Singh, Design Director at HOF. As a result of this exceptional combination, we got a fresh range of DOAB sofas. HOF Furniture Fair at Milan1

For making these sofas, we chose to go with our very own handwoven and hand-spun denim ‘Khadi‘ instead of going for an exotic fabric. In order to give these furniture pieces a strong and light-weight structure, we used ‘Laathi baans (bamboos)’ and natural fibers. Also, the amount of foam used was reduced to a certain level by replacing it with the natural fibers. The covers of these sofas can be easily removed by undoing the handmade brass buttons and then, they can be washed or changed.

HOF Furniture Fair at Milan2

The DOAB family of sofas was complimented by a family of tables which were made from the objects such as brass and copper trays, used everyday in kitchens. According to their different sizes, the bentwood structure was made and the trays were fitted. However these trays are now replaced by the shiny stainless steel ones. They speak the excellent craftsmanship and hence we tried to incorporate them in our table designs.

HOF Furniture Fair at Milan3The entire process of developing these furniture designs strengthened our belief that great design comes out only when we scratch the surface and look for new horizons. It is possible only when we make a right connection between people, culture, skill, history and material technology!

We are very happy with the overwhelming response we received in this international design fair. And we are going to launch our unique DOAB range of sofas in India, very soon!