28 Jun

Here’s Why We Love Ergonomic Oliviya Chairs and You Should Too!

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Many of us spend an average of six to ten hours a day on our office chair. We tend to overlook the repercussions of sitting in one position for long hours and bad posture when we have deadlines to meet at work.

Long sitting hours in the office bring a lot of spinal and cardiovascular conditions in a worker’s life. It’s crucial for you to build an environment for yourself and your employees where functionality and flexibility go hand in hand.

Poor office design and furniture make employees feel unproductive and tired most often. A well thought out office design makes employees focus on work without being distracted by the discomfort.

We cannot emphasize enough on the importance of having ergonomic furniture in your office. If you have a desk-bound job, no one can explain it better than you about the sheer discomfort traditional chairs can stimulate and affect your well-being.

At HOF, we understand the plight of workers and have gained expertise in designing furniture that motivates healthy work culture. It designs chairs that do not disrupt your productivity and enhances well-being.

Let’s have a glimpse on some of our bestsellers in the mid-range category:

Oliviya 3003

The versatility of this chair makes it an all-rounder for its application in office, classroom and computer room. It’s ergonomically designed to provide great comfort and support to its users. It has a remarkable universal fitting and it regards everyone as coequal.

89_1 (1)

It fits your body like it is made only for you. Its design enables automatic movements and enhances flexibility at the workplace. Oliviya’s distinctive shape makes it an epitome of the perfect office chair. It reduces fatigue and adds productivity in users.

You can adjust the height to your preference. It is also stocked with permanent contact mechanism which lets you move the backrest forward and backward.  With its 360-degree swivel movement feature, the movement of the chair becomes swift and easy. It is a must-have element of your office.

Oliviya 3006

Oliviya 3006 is another chair with a health-positive design. It has a cushioned seat to provide optimum support for long hours of seating conditions. You can adjust the height of the seat with its gas lift feature. The chair design keeps your spine aligned, keeping back pain and neck pain miles apart from you.

Oliviya 3006

It mimics the natural position of your body. Its swiveling design gives users the freedom of movement. It’s a revolutionary product which drastically improves productivity and job satisfaction.

Oliviya 3007

Oliviya 3007

This chair has an advanced ergonomic design which conforms to the body’s shape while supporting the spine and other bones. It is the best suitable chair for a stressful work environment. It comes with a durable and comfortable cushion seat with adequate seat width and depth. Its adjustable armrest and seat feature encourage proper posture. It helps in keeping workers recharged and motivates them to do more. It is the perfect investment in your comfort, productivity, and health.

To sum up

To keep the work environment efficient and functional, you should always invest in ergonomically designed furniture. The HOF has a wide variety of products to choose from with customizable features, visit shop.hofindia.com and explore our catalog. Don’t put your well-being at risk, choose high-quality products by HOF and keep musculoskeletal problems at bay.