15 Feb

Here’s a Comprehensive Look into the Making of an Office Chair

ergonomic office chairs for short people

Furniture is defined as anything that involves craft and design to support work and home activities. All kinds of furniture are made by keeping in mind the needs of the user and function of the work being performed.

As a user, it is therefore important to be aware of and understand the different components of furniture.

When it comes to office chairs, there are 4 main parts that every chair has or rather should have.

These elements together make a regular chair into an office chair for optimal user comfort as well as productivity levels.

The 4 integral components are:

1. Base:

Chair bases come in a variety of different materials as well as finishes ranging from plastic and steel to aluminium and wood. The modern chair base is usually a 5-star swivel one and is available in both nylons as well as metal.

However, there are various types of chair bases that you can choose from depending on your needs and usage.

  • Chrome base:

There are 2 types of chrome bases: Metal Chrome and Revolving Chrome. The metal chrome base is made of high-quality raw materials and is considered to be very durable while the revolving base is more suited to revolving chairs for swifter movement. The MARCO 1006 is a chrome base chair.

  • Anti-topple Aluminium base/Aluminium Die Cast base:

Aluminium is known for its good quality, strength and weightlessness. Chair bases that are made of aluminum and are anti-topple in nature provide for maximum support and comfort.

Our Carbon High Back chair, as well as the OLIVIYA series, are made of aluminium bases. The ZYDO Elite is perfect for top executives in a workspace.

  • Nylon base:

Nylon is a material that is popular for its durability and is perfect for student chairs. Chair bases made of nylon are highly resistant to wear and tear and are thus best suited for students sitting for long periods of time. The PRIVIYA 7001, PRIVIYA 7002 and PRIVIYA 7003 along with the MARCO 1013 and MARCO 1014 have nylon bases.

  • Stainless Steel (SS) base:

Ergonomic chairs are the best example of office chairs having steel bases. They are strong and durable and could either be painted or chromed in their finishes. Chrome steel bases are popular as they do not leave any marks behind. The KENZO 551 and KENZO 552 are SS- based.

2) Back:

The back is another important part of a chair as it is in direct contact with the seater’s body. A good chair must have a supportive and well-designed back for optimum user comfort.

Chair backs can be positioned at different levels such as low, medium and high. Most furnished office chairs offer adjustable back heights to suit user needs.

Another thing to keep in mind is the material of the back; mesh back chairs are porous and allow for proper air circulation.

A good chair back ensures that your lower back receives all the support it needs to prevent back injuries. The BOSS 422 is a medium back chair while the KAR 3004 M is made of mesh back.

3) Arm:

The arms of a chair play an equally important role as the back because they are used the most on a daily basis.

Traditional office chairs consisted of fixed arm settings that barely supported the user’s arms and shoulders, resulting in work injuries and physical stress.

Modern chairs come with adjustable armrests and are made of premium quality foam and padded tops for extra comfort.

Our MARCO 1013, MARCO 1014, Evoir High Back and Evoir Medium Back chairs offer adjustable armrests.

4) Seat:

The seat is the heart of a chair, especially office chairs. Although comfort is the prime function of any chair seat, there’s a lot more than meets the eye. A seat performs 2 basic functions:

  • Seat Depth Adjustment:

If you’re someone who experiences discomfort even though your seat is comfortable, it is possible that the depth adjustment is improper.

The depth adjustment provides support to the legs and its muscles by adjusting the depth of the chair to suit your legs.

A lever is usually present to allow for these changes in the forward and backward directions according to our comfort.

  • Seat Tension Adjustment:

We all love a good office chair, don’t we? However, nothing is more irritating than a chair that doesn’t work or is hard to use.

Each body type is different and an ideal workplace chair moves according to your weight for easy facilitation. The seat adjuster is usually a central knob and increases/decreases the pressure.

Another important feature is Seat Upholstery because the material can pose a problem if it sticks to the skin or becomes scratchy. There are 3 main upholstery options you can choose from:

  • Leather & Rexin:

More than the material itself, the foam present in leather chairs is responsible for the comfort offered. Good quality stuffing like the one in MARCO 1001 helps prolong user support and chair’s structure. Both the materials are relatively low maintenance and can be cleaned with a wet cloth.

  • Fabric:

Fabric is a good choice because of the way it feels against your skin and the availability of cushion options for support. The endless colours available in our AARAM CHAIR give an array of visually pleasing options. Fabric also ensures that you don’t feel unbearably hot while seated on it.

  • Mesh:

Mesh is ergonomic in material and porous in nature. It allows for circulation and is a breathable alternative to conventional seat upholsteries. Nevertheless, while purchasing a mesh chair one needs to keep in mind the quality of mesh present. The MARCO 1007 is a best-selling mesh chair.

As you can see, at HOF, our products have been designed after comprehensive research and we strive to provide you with a one-stop solution for all your chair needs. Visit shop.hofindia.com!