28 Oct

Got Back Problems? Try an Ergonomically Designed HOF Office Chair

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Has prolong sitting and poor posture taken its toll on your back? Do you often have a sore back from sitting long hours on your office chair? The one solution that can make it easier for your back is to buy chairs online that are ergonomically designed to support your back muscles.

Countless reports reveal that sitting is the new smoking. Prolong sitting is known to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and spinal injuries like spinal misalignment, lumbar disk bulge or even herniated discs. While you do have wide variety of options to buy chairs online in India, it is important that you choose a high-quality chair which offers considerable ergonomic benefits rather than settle for a cheap poor quality chair, which may only proclaim to offer benefits but falls short of delivering full benefits.

Why Buy Chairs That Are Ergonomically Designed to Cure Back Pain

Your decision to buy chair is an investment towards a healthy lifestyle. There are many ways that ergonomically designed chairs help cure back pain such as:

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Designed After in-depth Analysis of Human Anatomy

High-quality ergonomic office chairs like those by HOF are designed after an in-depth analysis by the research and development team who research of the human anatomy to manufacture the first of its kind health positive chairs. Our chairs are ergonomically so advanced that it actually lowers your heart rate and reduces stress.

Offer Maximum Back Support and Maintain Good Posture:

Ergonomically designed chairs are designed to look like spine to support the ‘S’ shaped spinal curve as also provide support the lower lumbar muscles. This helps maintain natural spine posture so you do not slouch or strain your back. The MARCO 1007H is an excellent example of such an office chair.

Adjustable Seat Height, Arm-rests and Lumbar Back Support:

Ergonomic chairs have adjustable features that make it possible to adapt to all your movements and adjust automatically to your varying positions, thus keeping your spine naturally aligned. The Marco BOSS -422 is a great choice and has all these features.

Choose ergonomic chair for a great investment into your healthy lifestyle. Buy chairs online in India at HOF, now available at amazing discounts and offers this festive season.