24 Jan

Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with these 5 tips

Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with these 5 tipsWhat comes to your mind when you think about the perfect working environment? Gone are the days when the office was only meant to work tirelessly with zero collaboration and interaction. Nowadays, employees are expecting more from their offices. A workspace is no longer a place where the employees only showcase their talents but should feel healthy and purposeful all day long too. It is crucial for employers to ensure that the well-being of employees is nurtured and productivity is fostered, as they work. It is also important to design the office in a way that employees feel safer, functional, creative and proud. Employee satisfaction is directly correlated with higher productivity, and to get that you need to create a cohesive working environment.

Today, the office is not just about attractive aesthetics, but a reflection of a culture and organization’s values. Every office has employees who feel distracted, are suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome, back strain, musculoskeletal problems and spend 60% of their time squinting at the computer screen. Sounds familiar? If yes, then you really need to rethink your workplace design. An employer should thoroughly examine how employees interact with their surroundings. A workspace is a facility where a lot of people come together to work, an employer should facilitate them by giving them the freedom of choice and control over how they like to work. They should make sure that every inch of the workspace’s real estate is purposeful, functional and appealing to the employees.

Employers should also assure that their offices are ergonomically sound. Having the right ergonomic setup will encourage employees to be at their best. Ergonomics gives you a holistic perspective towards designing, so when you create a workplace with the needs of the employees in mind, you automatically create a brilliant and distinctive workplace experience. Ergonomics encourages productivity and flexibility, which are intimately linked to the success of an organization.

With this blog, HOF will help you give your workplace the much-needed ergonomic makeover with our 5 effective tips;

Adjustable desks and chairs 

An average employee spends 7-8 hours a day at the same spot in the office. That’s a significant portion of their life being spent in the office facility. Apart from the bed, office chair and desk, there is no other piece of furniture you spend a lot of your time with. So, it is imperative for you to choose desks and chairs that are helpful, not problematic to the body. Pair adjustable sit-stand desk with ergonomic task chair. The sit-stand desk lets you adjust the height as per your liking while giving you the total control. It helps boost workplace engagement, users’ productivity and flexibility.

Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with these 5 tips

You can also enhance the work experience with the addition of ergonomically advanced chairs. Before choosing a chair, make sure it adapts to the shape of users’ body, has settings to adjust the height of the seat, lumbar support, adjustable armrest, adjustable backrest, comfortable seat and swivel movement. Ergonomic chairs lower the rate of employee absenteeism by eliminating musculoskeletal disorders, discomfort and distractions.Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with these 5 tips

Spintec Air H

Keyboard and mice position

The proper configuration of mice and keyboard is critical for neutral positioning. If you are violating the inline parallel rule of the elbow and wrist by reaching for the mice at a bad angle, you might increase tension in the muscles and lose neutral positioning. Consider your flexibility while positioning them with your other devices. The optimum position will keep carpal tunnel syndrome and tendonitis at bay.

Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with these 5 tips

Eliminate injuries by minimizing repetitive tasks

Minimize the risk of injuries by limiting your repetitive tasks. It could be sitting in the same position, using a keyboard and staring at the screen for prolonged hours. Repeating the same motion results in stress, which eventually leads to injury. The best way to combat this issue is by breaking the cycle of repetition – while sitting you can change your seat into reclining, declining and upright position. It will ease out the tension in the tissues, muscles and facilitate proper flow of blood in the body.Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with these 5 tipsErgonomic desk accessories 

In recent years, a major emphasis is given to ergonomic accessories like monitor/laptop stand, footrest, headrest, ergonomic mice, keyboards etc. Employers are taking ownership of their employees’ well-being by providing them with best-in-class accessories. These accessories are meant for organisations that cannot revamp their office with big changes. So, you can give your employees footrest instead of sit-stand desk and headrest to take some time off from work or to change the position of the neck while attending a phone call.

Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with these 5 tips

Embrace the power of deskercise

It refers to the exercises that you can perform while you are at your desk. Our bodies are not structured to sit in one position for a longer period of time, so you should start moving around and take little breaks when you are at work. Add short bouts of stretching, breathing and strength exercises to stay away from a sedentary lifestyle.

Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with these 5 tipsPutting it all together

Every employer should work towards minimizing the physical injuries caused by an extended period of work. They should create a purposeful, safe and flexible work environment for the employees. We are sure these 5 tips will help you create progressive and cohesive workplaces. And, if you are looking to upgrade your office furniture, then check out our wide range of executive, visitor and premium office chairs by visiting https://shop.hofindia.com/. These chairs feature adjustable seat height, width and depth, have lumbar support, come with easy swivelling, adjustable backwards-forward backrest, armrest and with the superior case for stability. Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with HOF!