28 Dec

Fantastic premium ergonomic chairs to make your 2020 special

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In this new age of rising levels of competition and hustling culture, desk-bound professionals hardly get time to take care of themselves in their home. The majority of their time is being spent in the office room, working, taking conference calls and talking to important clients. When it comes to equipment and gadgets, they give a lot of consideration and do their research, but hardly think twice before buying the right furniture. If you spend more time thinking about what software you need in your laptop than what kind of chair you sit on every day, sooner or later you will be in the market in the quest of a comfortable ergonomic chair. If the workplace does not have the right furniture, equipment and facilities then you will soon get serious health issues, feel unmotivated and become lethargic.

Improper posture, hunched shoulder and uncomfortable back can lead to numerous muscle-related problems. People overlook the need for proper furniture and do not understand it as an investment in their physical and mental well-being. For office workers, seating is crucial. Improper seating can inspire a lot of musculoskeletal issues – it not only affects your mood but also disrupts your productivity. That’s where ergonomics came into being and shifted the attention of people from aesthetics to human engineering. It encourages positive seating posture, minimizes the pressure in spinal lumbar and combats the adverse effects of extended hours at work on a physical body. It can make a positive difference in the office workers’ life and the quality of work they produce.

Well, with the market flooded with options, it can be overwhelming to determine which chair is the best and is a pioneer in every aspect. In this blog, we will discuss at length about the HOF’s 5 best premium ergonomic chair and help you choose the right one for your office space making your 2020 special.

   HOF LUZ 552 M 

Fantastic premium ergonomic chairs to make your 2020 special

The European design Luz 522M chair has a curved and supportive seatback. Its curved frame resembles the spine. It is enough to provide support in the lumbar area and avoids pressure on muscles. It has a swing mechanism with single back lock. The S curve back keeps the spine aligned and eliminates the pressure in the lower back.  It assures comfort all day long and has a gas lift for seat height adjustment. It comes in rexin and Turkish leatherette variants.


Fantastic premium ergonomic chairs to make your 2020 special

HOF Mol 561 H is a premium revolving high back chair. It keeps your neck and spine in proper alignment. It comes with plenty of adjustments and fine-tuned comfort. The S curved back keeps your body in an upright position and reduces the pressure on several nerves. It is a high-performance chair with hydraulic adjustments, aluminium base with veneer finish cladding and nylon castors. It eliminates the chances of developing muscular and nerve diseases.


Fantastic premium ergonomic chairs to make your 2020 special

HOF ZEL 571 H is a premium executive revolving chair that delivers functionality, performance and optimum support. It is best suited for the advanced requirements of modern workplaces. Owing to the amazing features this chair possesses, it keeps you focused and relaxed with its S curved frame. It has high gloss wooden arm pad mounted on vertical aluminium support, knee tilts synchro mechanism with position back lock and wired height adjustment knob.


Fantastic premium ergonomic chairs to make your 2020 special

The chair is uniquely crafted to adapt to the natural position of your body with its responsive design. It provides immediate support and seamless balance for extended hours. The advanced features and lightweight design makes it a preferred choice of executives. It relieves the pressure in the spine with its dynamic bionic design. Its multi-directional double-wings support chips are for the back muscles. The 5D headrest keeps the neck and spine in perfect alignment. It has live motion lumbar tracking system and intelligent seat cushion with two recline mode changes. It also comes with a 3D armrest with height, angle and backward/forward adjustment. The seat and back are made of mesh so that you can remain cool throughout the day. A smart chair in every sense.


HOF Kenzo Air is impressively built to conform to the different positions of the body, assuring complete comfort and support. Its mesh back provides proper circulation of air, keeps you cool while you work. It provides easy and smooth movement with the swivel function. You can adjust the height and tilt to your preference. It promises adequate support by distributing the weight of the user on the chair. It is available in mesh/leatherette in a wide variety of colours.

Pulling it all together

HOF has spent more than three decades honing the art of human engineering through its furniture. We create praise-worthy products and give an appealing visual retreat to your workplace. Our products are extraordinary and make the desk-bound jobs more comfortable. With all the ergonomic benefits, there is no reason for any professional to avoid the goodness of a premium chair. Explore the wide range of our premium executive chairs on shop.hofindia.com