10 May

Evolution of Ergonomic Office Chairs In Workplace

ergonomic office chairs for short people

The quest of finding a comfortable chair that takes all your worries away is not new; people have chased better seating options for centuries. Now, the market has evolved and flooded with gazillions of options to suit your style and personality. However, the fusion of perfect aesthetics and support makes it an exceptional choice and sets the quality apart.

For instance, you may be flying in Indigo airlines for years, but once you step in the Emirates, you know what luxury means. Literally. The same way, there are plenty of options available in the market, but the right ergonomic chair that frees you, that gives you a productive headspace, that lets you revolve and move are rare.

A Little Brief on the History and Evolution of Ergonomics


The interrelation of occupation and musculoskeletal injuries has been documented centuries ago. In the early 1990s, the production industries were highly dependent on human resource and the concept of ergonomics was developed to make workers more focused and productive.

Ergonomics is a scientific method which improved efficiency by providing traditional workers with chairs that gave them unmatched support and comfort.

Over time, the work culture changed drastically, so did the technological advancement. Research had been done on various postures, force and repetition to come up with products that ensure safety as well as productivity. In the year 1970, ergonomics gained momentum and became widespread. Craftsmen and designers gave a good amount of time creating something beyond the perimeters of aesthetics and design.

In the 80s and 90s, most employees spent long hours in front of computers. It was evident for designers to bring in chairs which maximize comfort and support

The Iconic Ergonomic Chair by HOF

Experts around the globe say that extended seating hours may result in serious health issues. The body posture is one of the key elements of productivity in the office; if you have a bad one then you will end up distracted all the time.

HOF assessed and researched about various occupations and postures and designed chairs that fit into everyone’s need. All chairs flex dynamically according to body movements and provide ample support throughout the day.

Here, we are listing out some of the exceptional products by HOF:

1. Boss 421

ergonomic office chairs for short peopleThe second name of this chair is “support system”, it is designed to keep you energized all day by providing a great thigh and back support with its waterfall design. It has nylon castors which makes the movement smoother.

2. Luzo 521

ergonomic office chairs for short peopleThis chair is a cross between comfort and luxury. It’s a European design with a high back and moulded wooden handle. It helps in maintaining a good posture and promotes an active lifestyle. A perfect conversation piece for your workspace.

3. Evoir

ergonomic office chairs for short peopleIt is a perfect revolving chair which blends well with office, school and home space. Its back is constructed with a mesh back rather than usual upholstery, hitting zero pressure points. It makes the long seating hours comfortable and supportive. It takes up less physical space than other chairs.

4. Marco 1007

ergonomic office chairs for short peopleIt provides more active support with 4-way adjustable mechanized headrest for better head support and 4-way adjustable lumbar support for better posture. The body-oriented design promotes a healthy lifestyle in workers. It’s quite durable with exquisite imported materials.

Don’t extend your time on search – There are numerous options of ergonomic, revolving chairs available at HOF – a perfect fit for your workspace.

Nowadays, employers very well understand that the productivity of employees lies in perfect seating. They are ready to invest in the well-being of their employees, which will yield results in the long term.

Since 1986, HOF has paved its way in the chair market with extensive research and years of experience on ergonomics. HOF is a place where your search ends because we make ergonomic seating that suits your requirements.

If you’d like more details about our craftsmanship and products, visit shop.hofindia.com, we’re here to help you find the perfect chair for your workspace.