7 May

Ever played ‘The Sit Down Game’?

No, we’re not talking about dogs here. The sit down game is a game played by humans. If you haven’t heard about this attractive game, we’ll tell you how to play. But before we go ahead, let’s talk about popular games people play while sitting. Many are such that you might have surely played but the ‘Sit Down Game’ might be a debutant in your list.

Sit, let’s play Chess: Unless you’re Harry Potter or Ronald Weasley or perhaps Hermione Granger,  playing the game standing on a life size board somewhere in Hogwarts’ attic, chances are that you’ve played this game ‘sitting down’. Chess is a game of patience, calmness and brain scratching but if you’re doing a lot of back scratching and stretching than actually brain scratching, you’re sitting incorrectly or perhaps in a non-ergonomic chair.  Change your chair before you play to avoid beginning the game with a ‘checkmate’.


Bored? Let’s sit & play the Board game, Carrom: Unlike all those board games that made you feel childish, Carrom is a game for all ages. You might have played it in your wee years and possibly, you’ll be hooked to it till you’re at your ‘striking’ best. Many play Carrom sitting down on the floor but the fact is that the correct way and the healthiest way to play it is to keep it on a table, on your waist level and sit straight on a comfortable chair to enjoy the game. What’s more, you’ll get a better view of the pockets.


Spell ‘Sit’ in Scrabble: Possibly one of the finest and the most popular word games known to man, Scrabble is a game you play sitting down or lying down or leaning or practically in any position you’re comfortable playing in. But doctors say that your mind is the most active when you are alert and sitting upright, straight, in the correct posture. This way the blood flows smoothly to your brain, giving you more words than your lying-down opponent.


Video Games – The best buddies of obesity:  That might seem a bit rude but come on, accept it. Studies have proven that children or adults who play video games tend to accept a lazy lifestyle, dragging themselves towards obesity and health risks. Be it Mario or Call of Duty, your duty is to rescue the Princess without jeopardising your health. Best option is to sit on a good ergonomic chair and play. After all, there are no power-ups and restarts in real life.


Enough! Let’s talk about ‘The Sit-Down Game’: The ‘Sit Down Game’ is not a very good indoor game but is a fantastic picnic game, played outdoors. You can have a group of buddies standing, arrange some healthy chairs around the place, if you are carrying them along, otherwise sitting upright on the grass won’t be a problem if you don’t sit for long hours. Speak any random sentence beginning with “Sit Down if…” and the players who have done that thing, will sit while the rest remain standing. It is a fun game among kids and adults. Here are some examples for you.

Sit down if…you ate a cupcake meant for your little brother

Sit down if…you’ve shoplifted!

Sit down if…you stapled your friend’s hair to her desk.

The game continues till there is only one person left in the game. Every time a person sits, has to perform a dare or a task and then he/she will be eliminated from the game. The rest will start playing again till we end up with one winner.


So, isn’t it fun? Try it out with your friends, your school kids, your family members, siblings, parents and whosoever you want to. This is a fun game that is interactive, engaging and entertaining at the same time. So let’s end our article with this – “Sit down if…you just fell in love with the writer.” 🙂