7 Jun

Ergonomics At Worksite – 5 Ways To Ensure Better Health

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Ergonomic design is not just for maintaining aesthetics and limited to how one should stand or sit, it’s about the overall wellbeing of your employees. As you learn more and more about Ergonomics, you start to analyze the effects it has on your worksite.

Ergonomics might be a baffling and random term to a lot of employers in India. The importance of ergonomics in shaping the culture and quality of a workplace is still being overlooked.

The whole point of ergonomics is to create a proactive work environment where people feel more productive, engaged, healthy and safe rather than feeling sluggish and incompetent. Ergonomically designed offices help people feel better and think better while they’re at work.

Ergonomics also helps employers focus on the real wealth of their business i.e. the health of their employees. It also helps in reducing the risks of developing Musco Skeletal Disorders (MSD).

3 Things You Should Consider While Designing Your Office:

Inclusive Design And Elements

Your design should break the barriers of employees’ sedentary lifestyle. The workplace furniture should be kept considering the functionality and movability. People should be able to adjust their chairs and desks according to their preferences. The design and elements should boost productivity and lessen the exertion during long hours.

A Well-Thought-Out Environment

A workplace requires an ambiance where people can focus on their tasks and complete them successfully at the end of the day. A noisy office leads to tired and easily irritated workers. For example: Imagine if you keep the workstation of a content writer near a salesperson, the writer won’t be able to perform his task as efficiently as he could because his thoughts will be distracted by the pitching of the salesperson. To keep employees at the top of their game, the employer should invest in making the environment sound-proof. It’s all about finding right ceiling insulation, curtains, floor coverings and furniture that can absorb and dampen the sound.

Optimal Lighting Conditions

Lighting is one of the factors that affect employee’s engagement and quality of work. Make sure your workplace gets the combination of natural and artificial light for better morale and energy levels. Poor lighting can get your eyes strained and make you lethargic towards your job. On average, we spend 90% of our times indoors so it becomes very crucial to have optimal lighting.

5 Ways To Ensure Better Health At The Workplace

1. Stand Up For Your Well Being

It is estimated that adults sit still for 9 hours from their 16 hours that they are awake. We have a habit of sitting still in the car, while watching a movie, eating and working. This issue has an adverse effect on our health and body. Be more proactive at work by adding chairs and desks that don’t let you sit in one position for long, you owe that much to your health.

2. Regular Active Breaks

No matter how important the task is, you should always give your health paramount importance. Gentle muscle tension after every interval in a necessity to be more involved and positive about your work. Do this every hour, not to be relaxed but to be more proactive and stress-free.

3. Maintain Your Head Position

The position of the head can be the root of all problems and solutions. If you don’t rest your head in a good position and bend towards the screen, it can tense your muscles, strain your neck and cause screen-knot. To tackle this problem, try keeping an independent monitor in front of you so you can hold your head high and look up. That will help you in maintaining better body posture. If you use a laptop, then try to set it at an angle where you have to look downward to see the screen without leaning your head forward.

4. Use Chairs That Promote Active Seating

Add task chair to your workplace that lets you be more mobile and adjust itself according to your body posture. Use Ergonomic chairs by HOF (Marco 1001H, Marco 1011H, Kenzo Air) for ideal seating posture.

5. Be Considerate

Be respectful of your employees’ expectations and perceptions. What is good for you might not be good for the other person. Practice being inclusive and considerate while designing your workplace with sound and light element.

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