8 Jun

We’ve Got Your Back, When Your Work Doesn’t

The quality of office furniture is directly related to work productivity and efficiency. Furniture that is made especially for the workplace provides for more functionality and helps to achieve a more pleasant experience in the office. While most of us are aware of the purpose of the office chairs, here are some things that may surprise you:


Look Up: Proper alignment of one’s head, eyes and neck are crucial to avoid pain in the lumbar region. Maintaining a good posture on an office chair and keeping your hands in line with the elbows is key to improve a sedentary lifestyle. Do not mooch off of slouching, sit up straight on a high back chair to reduce stress on back muscles.

Composure and Comfort: An office chair can be your best friend at work when chosen consciously. Ergonomic chairs provide maximum back support as well as necessary adjustments, such as height for each body type. A suitable choice of a chair can augment comfort and lessen spine aggravation like revolving chairs.

Wind Down, Often: Even robots recognize the word ‘pause.’ While at work, it is imperative to take a break of few minutes every hour. Sitting down for hours builds up tension in the arms, shoulders, and damages the lower back. Taking a short walk or standing helps increase blood circulation in the static posture.

Say Yes To Stretch: Simple exercises such as rolling your shoulders, breathing through your belly and planting your feet to a rest are a must. Push-ups, mountain climbing and raising your calves provide a better work experience. Finding the right angle and uncrossing your feet in an office chair enables for a de-stressed day.

Less Lifting, More Positioning: While lifting and carrying a heavy object, use your legs by tightening core muscles. Do not twist when lifting and always maintain the natural curve of your back. Ensure that your work devices (computer, mouse) are well-positioned and at appropriate distances to avoid the unnecessary strain of fingers.

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