15 Nov

Ergonomic furniture – a journey from distraction to concentration

Ergonomic furniture - a journey from distraction to concentration

In recent times, ergonomic chairs have become increasingly popular in India and across the globe because it determines the efficiency of people in office and factors that affect productivity. It has become a staple of all highly productive workplace environment. The interest in ergonomics was rekindled when a trusted research company found out that the majority of work-related health issues are directly or indirectly connected with sitting. Ergonomic helps employers in building an environment where people are 100% immersed in the tasks assigned to them and it also enhances the motivation levels by providing them with the ideal flow of work.

However, designing a collaborative work environment is a crucial challenge for employers these days. Multifaceted workplaces are struggling to strike a balance between concentration and distraction. The main aim of every employer is to provide their employees with a state of flow when they are working on an important assignment. Time at the modern workplace passes pretty fast and there are tons of tasks to check off the to-do list. There’s no shortage of distractions that pull the attention from things that matter like the sound of the coffee machine, the rattling of printers, mobiles ringing, uncomfortable chair, upright position, and your colleagues discussing their weekend plans. These things might seem small, but they have a massive impact on the overall productivity of the employee.

Sitting for prolonged hours at the desk is not good for employees’ bodies and brains, it has a direct impact on the posture which increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and musculoskeletal injuries. Concentration and undisturbed atmosphere are two essential parts of any positive workplace. A large part of employee satisfaction is derived from the feeling of having done an amazing job at work. Ergonomic makes sure the need for concentration is met and focus is restored.  Day-to-day application of ergonomics at the workplace helps to remove the barriers to work performance. It can be the key driver to your organization’s competitiveness in the market.

Benefits of Ergonomics at the workplace

It improves employees’ wellness at work

If your office employees are still using the conventional chairs and you see lower levels of productivity in them, then probably you’re to blame! It’s time to make a much-needed switch to Ergonomic chairs. Conventional chairs make people slouch and unproductive, it promotes poor body posture which gradually develops unwanted office syndromes. Employers should use ergonomic chairs as they reduce the risks and cut health costs. Now you can get chairs according to the preferences and needs of your employees. It promotes neutral posture by reducing stress in the muscles, nerves and bones.

Ergonomic furniture - a journey from distraction to concentration

It boosts productivity

Ergonomics and productivity are correlated. Ergonomics cuts down the exertion and distraction level and enhances performance with better posture, heights and reaches. It makes sure all employees are working to their full efficiency. Employees in good health create high-quality work as there are few distractions and proper support to the body with adjustable features of the chair

It facilitates employee engagement 

Ergonomic furniture comes with a variety of features and adjustments to cater to your needs at work. It makes your office more flexible and functional. A flexible environment contributes to high engagement and collaboration with the team, which influence the productivity of an individual. Ergonomic furniture reduces employee turnover, absenteeism and improves involvement.

Better work culture

Ergonomic furniture like desks, keyboards, chairs and office design are created to support workers during their 8-hour long office period. When employers invest in providing the best setting for their employees, it shows that they value the wellness of their employees and consider it one of the core values. Ergonomic helps them in creating a safe work culture for their employees. Healthy employees are the most valuable asset to the employer, fostering their health will lead to better performance of the organization.

Ergonomic furniture - a journey from distraction to concentrationAll things considered, 

In today’s competitive world, high performance is the only saving grace that gives organizations an edge in the market. Ergonomics helps companies utilize the full potential of human resources. The benefits of ergonomics are countless, some of them are – it lets people work at full productivity level, boosts morale, takes care of the well-being and reduces risks of office disorders.

Ergonomic furniture - a journey from distraction to concentration

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