17 May

Enhance Your Living Space Around A Yellow Sofa

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Can you imagine your life without colours? No! Right? It will be dull and meaningless; colours are an expression of the character of your house.

Colours have subconscious effect on our brains, they uplift and calm us. They can sway thinking, evoke emotions and cause reactions. Their impact on our living space is often overlooked and underestimated.

Living space is a place where most of the socializing happens, it should not be lost in the monotony, you need to put colours that are welcoming, radiating warmth and spreading welcoming vibes.

If you want to revamp the look of your living room without burning a hole in your pocket, you should always Invest in one distinct piece that reflects all the positive traits and become the style statement. You should take into account the emotions you want your visitor to feel.

Break the monotony by placing a yellow piece of furniture in your living room. It doesn’t matter if your space has a neutral tone, vintage look or modern minimalist, a yellow couch will bring a vibrant and cheerful character.

At HOF, we bring you a variety of customizable yellow sofas which symbolize optimism and good mood. Victa and Cosimo will surely make your living room the most happening area of your home with their eye-catching looks and comfort.

Sofas are the focal point of the living room and it is crucial to decorate the space around them. Make sure you add elements that complement the sofa and does not make it look out of place. Each and every element should enhance the overall look and feel .

Let’s explore the two options and décor the space around them with beautiful metal pieces, carpets and colourful pillows.

HOF Victa


These customizable, mellow yellow, alluring and charming sofas are made with international standards. It has termite free wood and Sleepwell foam for distortion-free comfortable seating. It’s an easy-to-maintain product available in fabric, faux leather and genuine leather material. With a 5-year repair and replacement warranty, this piece of furniture becomes a good bargain for your living space.

HOF Cosimo


Consider these vibrant, bold yellow sofas for creating a gorgeous welcoming atmosphere in your house. These pieces come with super premium fabrics with enhanced abrasion resistance and durability. Cosimo is designed in Italy and stitched on German machines with the latest technology. The foam has a high density for super comfortable seating experience. It also comes with a 5-year repair and replacement guarantee.

How To Beautify The Décor Of Your Room With A Yellow Sofa?

Carpets And Wall Colours


In a modern minimalist room, you need a very few items to do the thing for your space like a quirky Aztec print carpet. If the colour scheme of your walls is neutral and more on the white and bright side of a colour palette, then Aztec print would look mesmerising and give your space more dimensions.

Don’t add these yellow statement pieces beside a wall that’s gaudy in colour and doesn’t go with it. Always put the sofas in the neutral or soft coloured walls. 

Metallic Elements And Greenery


Add metal pots and pieces to enhance the overall look of the room. You can use any type of metal, including copper, silver, nickel and even attractive gold tones. Decorative elements made of metals make the living space highly modern and luxe.

Never underestimate the power of flowers and greenery in your indoors. They not only add to the contrast of the entire living space layout, but are also an amazing source of air purifier. Affix sturdy hammered planters to spruce up the appearance and get the tropical charm. 

Pillows and Paintings


Put offbeat pillows on the sofa to make the room more cheerful and classy. Play with colours of the pillows only to find out how yellow dominates everything. Make harmony with loud and soft hues by adding prints and patterns.

Add beautiful art pieces that set the mood of the room with interesting, thought-provoking paintings.

A Yellow colour sofa brings an instant ray of sunshine and cheerfulness to the house. Brighten a dull living room by adding these sofas to your living room with HOF. Visit us at shop.hofindia.com and explore the wide variety of sofas for your living space.