5 Oct

Effective Ways to Convince Your Boss for the Need of Ergonomic Office Chairs

ergonomic office chairs for short people

You probably are aware of and understand the benefits of having and making use of ergonomic office furniture by now. A well-designed and user-friendly chair is a critical element while trying to build a safe and productive workstation. A good office chair provides the support needed for your back, legs, and neck and at the same time, helps reduce contact stress and forceful extensions. The use of ergonomics ensures that the chairs are adjustable and are fit for the workforce to sit on for a long duration.

Having an understanding of what consists of ‘sustainable furniture’ is well and good but to convince your boss to take an action for the same is where the trouble lies. There are several instances where your boss/manager may fail to see the pressing need to change the furniture of the workspace. Here are some ways you can approach the situation:

DO NOT get too ahead of yourself and preoccupied with your emotions. It is always advisable to be prepared with rational reasons and facts before you walk-in to discuss your furniture needs with your higher-ups. Your boss’s primary objective is to help work towards the organization’s goals and profits. This implies that financial management and optimization of work productivity is his/her top priority. Your presentation must focus on the pros of ergonomic furniture rather than the cons of the existing furniture. You should also bring into view how ergonomic office furniture will benefit both the staff as well as the company.

EMPHASISE on the benefits of purchasing ergonomic furniture for the office. Start your discussion by describing the impact of ergonomic chairs on the costs incurred by employers. These costs could be direct such as poor health, medical expenses and legal fees or indirect, such as low productivity and absenteeism. Adding ergonomic chairs such as MARCO 1014 and KAR 3004 M to a work set up can also reduce work injuries by reducing physical stress, improve productivity by providing adjustments for different body types and enhance job satisfaction in employees as they appreciate that the employer cares about their well-being.

JUSTIFY the costs on the purchase of ergonomic office chairs. While talking to your boss, ensure that you are able to make him/her see that good office chairs are an investment for the team. Focus on the fact that tiredness and lack of concentration are synonymous with poor furniture conditions. Your argument will prove to be more effective if you highlight the increase in work done per hour that is possible by being seated on a comfortable and ergonomic chair, which in turn will expand the company’s profit margins.

In conclusion, ergonomic chairs can be expensive but the return on investment is much more when factors such as increased employee productivity, fewer work injuries and improved job satisfaction are considered. Any good and considerate boss will respect and understand the value of a healthy and engaged team.

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