2 Jun

Don’t exercise, just sit!


All your life you have been told to exercise in order to burn calories. You were cheated. That is not the only way to burn calories; there are other, simpler ways for burning calories. And since we believe in the ‘Sitting Culture’, we will tell you ways to sit and burn calories. You can thank us later!

So the first step is to sit – obviously!

The second step is pretty simple too – laugh a lot. Easy, isn’t it?

We know you won’t believe us just like that! So here is a researched fact – laughing for 10 to 15 minutes a day helps you burn up to 40 calories. Now we are talking, eh?

The third step is to dance in your seat – no we haven’t gone crazy. Put your headphones on and start dancing. It not only helps reduce stress but also helps in weight control. Beyond a simple head bob and shoulder shrug, music also motivates you to move around faster and for long periods of time.

The fourth step is to eat often – eat often and burn calories? Yes you read it right. Our body uses more energy to digest meals in small amounts if taken every few hours.

The fifth step is to drink a lot of water – easy, isn’t it? Proper hydration let’s all the body’s functions work at more optimal levels. Just a little change – drink warm water.

The sixth step is to replace your chair. Try this out, it is fun, get a stability ball, which requires you to engage your core muscles just to sit, helping burn calories and tone your abs and back. Wonderful eh?

The seventh step is to – fidget. Tap your feet. Wiggle in your seat. Tap that pen on your desk. Fidget as much as you want. Standing up, moving around and fidgeting can help you burn around 300 calories per day.

We are promoting the culture of sitting and we will somehow make you fall for it. We will ensure that you decide you sit often and not regret it.