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Do you know when should you replace your office chairs? Find here

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When the equipment in your office is outdated and you try to work on it, it will have a significant effect on the overall quality of your work. It will not only affect your work but also leave you unproductive and incompetent. In the same way, if you have old office chairs in your workplace, they will gradually wear you down and make you distracted. Like office equipment, office chairs also have a finite life. You have to keep the workplace updated with all the necessary physical requirements like equipment, technology, office furniture, etc. to ensure your work is always at the cutting edge and to keep yourself motivated.

You may argue that a chair is just a chair, what effect it will have on your work anyway? Well, it will have a lot of implications.

To keep yourself motivated towards your business mission, you ought to provide yourself with the best of everything. You should ensure your safety and well-being, especially if you have a desk-bound job. Ergonomic chairs play a crucial role in the productivity and morale of an individual. If the chairs are not in good shape, it might affect your back, spine and work performance. Office chairs have a lifespan of 6 months to 10 years, depending on the quality. They are a big investment, so try to get the world-class furniture that stands the test of time.

Here are the signs when you should replace your office chairs;

When back pain and aches increase 

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Back pain and discomfort caused by prolonged sitting are strong indicators that you need to replace office chairs. If you succumb to fatigue and do not perform your job well, you should take a cue and determine the reason behind that. You should immediately take action and replace the chairs before the situation becomes irreparable.

Wear and tear

Wear and tear

Sadly, nothing lasts forever! In the course of time, office chairs also start degrading. You spend 8 hours a day on a chair daily, which affects the functionality and look of the chair. Its fabric starts to fray, its knobs, armrest, lever, and other controllers become less effective. It stops giving you the support you need and hamper your body position. You know it is time to replace them when you face issues while adjusting them and when they don’t look the same as earlier.

Flattened seat and back cushion

After a few months, the foam in the back and seat starts compressing. Seat and back cushion provides you with ample support and prevents you from severe body pain. If your cushion is flattened, it cannot support your body weight and may increase tension in the spinal area.  When you feel your chairs are not holding up your body, then for the love of your back and health, replace the chairs.

The chair does not feel right

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When you move into a furnished office, you get furniture that may not support your body type, height and weight. Chairs might have improper armrest and headrest which may not be meant for you.  Make sure you get chairs that are well suited to your needs and requirements. Listen to your needs and understand the importance of ergonomic workplace.

All things considered

Make sure you do not get locked into a spiral of discomfort and distraction as your furniture deteriorates. Never underestimate the power of good furniture as it helps increase energy, focus, and productivity. Good furniture ensures that you feel comfortable and your morale is high when you walk into your office.  Choose furniture that meets your requirements.

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