20 Nov

Did You Know about these 4 Types of Office Chairs?

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With about 3 decades of experience in the commercial furniture industry, we can easily spot a good chair when we see one! Given that the average work day in an office is about 9 hours and employees spend most of their time sitting, purchasing the right office furniture online turns out to be an important decision.  Following are some of the commonly used office chairs:

Conference Chair – These chairs are designed to serve the employees and the visitors in an office setup. Employees will use these chairs while attending meetings, lengthy conference calls or training. Another set of people who make use of the conference chairs are third parties to the business such as clients and vendors. Therefore, conference chairs are often a combination of adjustable features and mobility in the chairs to make a good impression on the visitors.

Ergonomic chairsErgonomic chairs provide with the optimum level of comfort to the user during their long working hours. These chairs help individuals avoid stress and provide with numerous adjustments so as to support the physique of different individuals. Some of the common adjustment features are knee tilt, seat height and back height.

Executive Chairs – This office chair generally has the largest number of features. It is generally a high back chair with an additional head rest in certain chair models. The cushion is well padded with multi position locking mechanism and waterfall edge design for comfort and to relieve pressure in the legs. Executive chairs also have adjustable arm rests to increase the comfort level of the user. With the availability of all kinds of office chairs online, it has become easy to buy furniture online with just a few clicks.

Mesh Chairs – Mesh back chairs are lightweight and breathable because back of the chair is made of net. It is the best kind of chair for long working hours in a humid atmosphere or during the summer season because it allows for heightened ventilation by allowing air to flow through the chair to you while you are seated.

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