17 Jan

Design your workplace for maximum productivity

When we look for ways to boost workplace productivity, we often associate it with technological advancement, tools and automation. We tend to overlook the design aspect and its influence on how people work in the workplace. Office design is the ultimate expression of how you enable your employees to perform and how they feel when they walk into the office. Do they feel motivated or they always feel lethargic? Do they feel like a guest or do they belong there? The answers to these questions tell a lot about the workplace!

An average worker spends 48 hours a week in the workplace, most of which are likely to be in the office on the chair. Poor office design gives birth to numerous adversities such as higher levels of fatigue, stress, less productivity, low motivation, distracted mind and higher rates of absenteeism. In other words, it’s bad news! For the health of employees and the future of the organization. Whereas, good office design is all about building an environment that encourages purpose and enhances productivity while providing scope for creativity, personalization and functionality. Practically, you’re setting a stage for everyone and allowing them to perform at their best.

Before designing your workplace, carefully assess the challenges your employees face while working and what you want to achieve by investing in it? Your design should make them feel they are being heard, it should address their needs and help them thrive. As a matter of fact, workplace design should be all about taking care of workers. Here are the elements of workplace design that directly or indirectly contribute to better employee experience.

Ergonomic furniture

Ergonomic furniture is one of the key drivers in employee performance and employee experience. Poorly designed chairs and desks have a disruptive influence on employees’ productivity –  poor body posture, constant back and neck pain, spinal issues and poor flow of blood to name a few. Create a collaborative and conducive environment in the workplace by bringing advanced ergonomic chairs and desks. Ergonomic furniture helps in boosting morale and productivity while taking care of the health of workers. It significantly decreases mental load as this furniture makes them more functional and focused.

Design your workplace for maximum productivity

MARCO 1011 H

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Know the working styles

Design your workplace for maximum productivity

Once you are done with the furniture part, the next thing you should understand is the types of work style. Some workers like seclusion and quiet places while others like collaborative spaces. Try to bring the best of both the worlds by balancing the two. It should be a mix of open workplace and personal cabins. Give a thought into the working style while designing the layout of the office. It will boost employee experience and improve business results.

Improve the lighting 

Design your workplace for maximum productivity

Poor lighting is a host of multiple problems like eyestrain, stress, headaches and drowsiness. It has a powerful impact on productivity. If possible, provide natural lighting in all your workspace – it is bright, keeps people awake and motivated. Lighting affects the sleeping pattern of a person as well; a good night’s sleep is of the essence for a good day at work. If it is not possible for you to provide natural lighting everywhere, then add overhead lights and task lights to serve the purpose.

Incorporate colours

Design your workplace for maximum productivity

Paint those dull and lifeless walls with warm and soft muted tones. Colours can alter our moods, evoke prompt reactions and help in creative thinking. If you can’t paint the entire office, then incorporate colour into your décor through art pieces, lights and furniture.

Plant, art and a little bit of personalisation 

Design your workplace for maximum productivity

It’s great to have a little bit of nature near your workstation. Plants reduce stress, create positive, clean the air and eliminate the noise levels as well. With that, having art in the office increases the creativity and intensifies the thinking process of employees. It enhances workplace aesthetics and spurs innovative thinking. Last but not least, do not ignore personalisation! Let your employees bring their personal selves to work, let them express their personality through their desks. It increases their comfort and reduces the stress levels on a long working day.

All things considered

All the elements mentioned above will help you combat the low productivity in the workplace and create a balanced workspace for everyone. All these points combined will encourage positive and purposeful behaviour without dictating. If you are designing your office and looking for advanced ergonomic chairs online, you can unhesitatingly count on HOF. Visit https://shop.hofindia.com/ and bring your best self to work with our top-notch products!