7 Feb

Creating the workplace of the future with personalization

Creating the workplace of the future with personalization
“Details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right” – Steve Jobs

An organization that is constantly evolving its values, is paying attention to details, is basically human-centred and helping people to grow and thrive. In an organization, every employee is different and has different working styles, personal preferences and physical limitations. The best organizations have created a culture of continuous improvement and are working tirelessly to give an ideal working setup to employees. Personalized workspaces are being designed for comfortable and effective workspace experience. Employers are now addressing the issues employees face when they work and creating a workspace that reflects their personal taste.

The benefits of creating a personalized work experience are countless. It not only acts as a productivity booster but also gives a sense of belongingness to employees. These days, personalized workspace has become a powerful tool for recruiting and retention. Besides, for employers, productivity is the scale through which they measure the performance of their employees. However, if you want to achieve maximum productivity, you need to reconsider the structure and design of the workspace. It is not just limited to a floor layout, location, but equipment and furniture such as office chairs or desks as well.

In this blog, we are sharing with you some of the specific ways through which you and your employees can reap maximum rewards from personalized workspace;

Employees’ Place Identity

As per the Harvard Business Review, place identity is beneficial for both the organization and the employees. Place identity refers to the sense of belongingness an employee feels for the workplace. The perquisites of place identity are employee engagement, a stronger association with the organization, better communication with superiors as well as subordinates and a positive outlook towards the work.

You can create place identity for your employees by giving them the liberty to be, to be expressive and to decorate their workstation with items that define them. When they add their personal things to the desk, they are more attached and drawn to the workplace.

Creating the workplace of the future with personalization

Workplace ergonomics

Workplace ergonomics is all about fixing furniture, layout and equipment as per the requirements of employees. Ensuring that every employee has the right furniture and equipment is one step towards creating an exceptional work atmosphere. The main aim of ergonomics is to eliminate the health risks and injuries caused by repetitive movements. It has now become a necessity for modern workplaces which are loaded with work deadlines and require undivided attention.

For instance, the elbow should be at 90-degree angle when they are using keyboards, the monitors should be at eye level, the feet should always have a surface to rest upon whether it’s the floor or a footrest. They should be able to move when they sit on the office chair and the furniture they use should have multiple adjustable features.

Even the minor ergonomics tweaks can bring a big difference in the overall work experience and the quality of work produced. If you are revamping the office space from scratch, then you can ask your employees about the issues they face with the physical items provided to them and take their feedback seriously as it will make them heard. In other cases, investing in ergonomic office chairs and desks can contribute to increased employee morale, functionality and motivation.

Creating the workplace of the future with personalization

Temperature and lighting

We all understand what temperature and lighting can do to our mood and our attention span. These are the main determinants of comfort at the workplace – they can affect efficiency and can cause harmful health issues. A cold room for one person might be normal or hot for the other one, as everyone has a different body temperature. A degree of flexibility should be maintained in identifying the normal workplace temperature. For sedentary work, 20 degrees is optimal and for tasks where severe physical work is needed, the temperature should be 16 degrees. These days modern workplaces have become smarter, the temperature can be changed as per the preferences of people working in a given area. Workplaces have installed smart HVAC systems for the comfort of employees.

Ideally, a workplace should be a mix of both natural and artificial light. However, too much of everything is bad, direct natural light can strain your eyes, hamper your visibility and can lead you to the road of burnout. Employers give employees a chance to choose between the two, if employees do not like natural light then they can add task light on the desk or overhead lamp.

Creating the workplace of the future with personalization


When we talk about office productivity, ventilation is of the essence. In a poorly ventilated space, the air becomes humid over time. The poor air quality is a host to numerous health issues related to the respiratory and cardiac system. The occupants of closed offices become prone to headaches and decreased cognitive ability due to the excessive CO2 build-up and pollutants in the air. Employers of such closed workspaces, let their employees take breaks and stroll in the open air so that they can reboot/revive themselves.

Creating the workplace of the future with personalization

Pulling it all together

When you make your employees feel that they are cared for when they come to work, you add an impressive perk to their work-life. For the success of your business, it is crucial to cultivate a culture of productivity and culture to elevate purpose. We hope these tips will help you create a stunning personalized workspace for your employees. And, if you need office chairs that are thoughtfully designed with uncompromising quality, visit shop.hofindia.com and shop your heart out with amazing offers.