19 Aug

Create Healthy Work Environment with HOF Chairs

Create Healthy Work Environment with HOF Chairs

Are you looking to renovate your office or furnish your new office? The Contemporary Indian workplace of 2016 emphasizes a healthy work environment. It fosters employee well-being, collaborative workplace and higher productivity. Thus we see a surge in demand by corporates to buy chairs online in India that are ergonomically designed and ensure employee comfort.

3 ways to Designing Healthy Work Environment with HOF Chairs

HOF Health-Positive Chairs:

Choose ergonomically designed office chairs for their ability to improve employee comfort, reduce risk of injury to musculoskeletal muscles and increase employee productivity. Our ‘Health-Positive’ chairs are one of the most preferred choices by corporates and professionals for their cutting-edge design and wide variety.

These ergonomically advanced chairs feature adjustable seat height, waterfall seat-design, adjustable arm rests, swivel base, excellent lumbar support and are available across different price ranges to suit your budget and seating requirements.

Explore from our wide range of HOF Professional chairs or the HOF Office chairs to buy chairs that offer you high-performance seating solutions. Designed in our state-of-the-art design studio and manufacturing plant equipped with the best-in-class and most advanced technologies, the HOF office chairs are durable and offer you great value for money.

Healthy Posture:

Yet another crucial ingredient that makes a healthy working environment is ensuring a good posture. Maintaining a correct posture is as important as your decision to buy chairs that are ergonomically designed.

  • Ensure that you maintain a natural spine posture and do not slouch or perch on front of your seat.
  • Always sit with your back touching the back of the chair and have your wrists and forearms straight and at level with the desk.
  • Place your screen at eye level to avoid straining your neck and eyes.

Healthy Seating Habits:

A correct posture ensures better comfort, health and productivity. You may buy chairs that are ergonomically designed but it also important to maintain healthy seating habits in order to avoid injuring your back. Here are some of the major healthy seating habits.

  • Take frequent hourly breaks and avoiding prolong sitting, which according to research exposes you to high blood pressure, obesity and diabetes.
  • Keep your feet parallel to the ground and not let them hang mid-air.
  • Stretch or move in place

Explore the wide range of ergonomically designed chairs today. Get an exclusive 1-year warranty and free shipping when you buy chairs online today. Also get exclusive deals and online offers this festive season to make it a memorable gift for yourself or your loved ones.