29 Feb

Conference room design: 5 tips & best practices for 2020

Conference room design 5 tips & best practices for 2020
For a business, creating the right workspace environment is as important as finding the right skillful people. To accomplish a business goal, a company should make use of all the talents it has cultivated through active collaboration and brainstorming sessions....
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17 Jan

Design your workplace for maximum productivity

Design your workplace for maximum productivity
When we look for ways to boost workplace productivity, we often associate it with technological advancement, tools and automation. We tend to overlook the design aspect and its influence on how people work in the workplace. Office design is the...
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25 Jan

The Need for Specialized Chairs for Programmers and Coders

Computers have become the new age notepads. Most of the desk jobs these days undoubtedly have a computer equipped with them. In the world of computers, programming has become the next big job profile. However, sitting at a desk for...
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28 Dec

HOF’s Marco Series Combines Comfort with Class

HOF believes that when it comes to office furniture, nothing can beat comfort. We also understand that with the increase in modern workspaces, furniture must be adaptable and must look professional. So, we amalgamated comfort with class in our top-selling...
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7 Dec


In a workplace, a conference room is the one that is used to make a good impression on the guests that visit your office. A conference room enables for interaction during meetings and helps set the tone for important discussions....
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10 Aug

Know Which Type of Chair is Perfect For You

Office chairs form the most integral part a working individual’s life. Since most of the tasks performed at the workplace involve sitting, a comfortable and easy to use chair is extremely important. A good office chair is one that makes...
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20 Jul

5 Reasons Your Office Chair Must Be a Computer Chair First

Computer Chair for Office
Are you someone who spends a minimum of 6 hours at your work desk? Do you usually experience some kind of pain in your back, shoulders and neck after leaving from work? Well, maybe you need to change the chair...
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