24 Jan

Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with these 5 tips

Give your workplace an ergonomic makeover with these 5 tips
What comes to your mind when you think about the perfect working environment? Gone are the days when the office was only meant to work tirelessly with zero collaboration and interaction. Nowadays, employees are expecting more from their offices. A...
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14 Dec

Setting up a home office for yourself? Here’s all you need to know about HOF ergonomic chairs

It is no surprise that homepreneurs are growing in the country as more and more people are choosing to work from home. With the emergence of an era of YouTube creators, Instagram Influencers, podcasters, bloggers, consultants, counselors to name a...
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9 Aug

Here’s why you should buy office furniture in bulk

Business owners are perpetually on a lookout for ways to reduce the overheads, be more efficient and save money. Most often, they’re in a dilemma about how to distribute their funds while furnishing and designing their office. After spending a...
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10 May

Evolution of Ergonomic Office Chairs In Workplace

The quest of finding a comfortable chair that takes all your worries away is not new; people have chased better seating options for centuries. Now, the market has evolved and flooded with gazillions of options to suit your style and...
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25 Jan

The Need for Specialized Chairs for Programmers and Coders

Computers have become the new age notepads. Most of the desk jobs these days undoubtedly have a computer equipped with them. In the world of computers, programming has become the next big job profile. However, sitting at a desk for...
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27 Jul

7 Mistakes to Avoid before buying a Student Chair

Before buying a study chair online, one must consider different parameters like comfort, quality and flexibility. Students are affected by the kind of chair used while studying. It hugely impacts cognitive ergonomics, i.e., how our mind functions. Examples include lack...
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20 Apr

Because the Material Matters!

HOF Office Chairs-Material Matters
While purchasing an office chair, the first thing usually considered is its visual appeal. For instance, office chairs set the tone of the room and are one of the most used pieces of office furniture. The usual questions that pop...
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