8 Dec

How Executive Office Chairs Save You From Low Back Pain and Hazards of Sitting in Chairs?

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Do you spend a major part of your day in an executive office chair? Sitting is the new smoking and sitting long hours in front of the computer exposes you to spinal injuries and hazards of musculoskeletal disorders. Don’t just settle for any executive office chairs online instead choose good quality ergonomic chairs and healthy seating habits to save you from low back pain and hazards of sitting for long hours.

Choosing a high-quality executive chair like HOF Marco 1002 M is not only an investment into your comfort but also your health. Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle, this not only aggravates the harmful effects of chronic pain to your lower back but also affects your heart health and results in slow metabolism cycle.

Why Buy HOF Executive Office Chairs to Avoid Low-Back Pain

All HOF executive chairs online have a body-oriented design and many adjustable features that offer sufficient support to the lumbar muscles and helps distribute the body weight from lower back.  Their body-oriented design, chair mechanism, ability to conform to strict quality assurance standards, premium upholstery and advanced ergonomics ensures that your office chair works as hard as you do.

Body-Oriented Design with Lumbar Support in Your Executive Chair

The lumbar muscles tend to undergo stress as they take the entire weight of the body. This makes them prone to spinal injuries. The body-oriented design of executive office chairs comes with adjustable lumbar support so that your lower back is sufficiently protected.

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Check for Chair Mechanism and Waterfall Seat Design:

All our online chairs at HOF come with chair mechanism that may range from a full-swing, knee-tilt, and waterfall seat design. The seamless waterfall seat design and cushioned seat helps distribute the weight on thighs instead of your lower back.

Adjustable Seat-height, Arm-rests

Adjustable seat and arm-rests help in reducing neck, shoulder pain, slouching and slumping. Each one of our online chairs at HOF has a class-3 gas-lift for best-in-class adjustable seat height for your requirement.

Health Seating Habits To Avoid Low Back Pain:

Take frequent breaks and stretch often:

Check your posture regularly by taking frequent breaks and stretching. Taking frequent breaks allows you to make a conscious attempt to watch your posture and avoid slumping or slouching.

Watch Your Posture

Your feet must be parallel to the ground and your elbows must be at 90 degree and slower to your torso. Further ensure that your knees are at 90 degree and your feet are neither cross-legged nor hanging in the mid-air.

Explore the wide range of executive chairs online at HOF online and use these tips to avoid chronic back pain while you spend time in your chairs.