25 Jan

How To Buy Office Chair Online for Designers?

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As a designer, whether graphic designer or UI/ UX designer, you probably spend a major part of your day sitting and working with Photoshop, often continuously without breaks.

While your body was designed to be active, prolong sitting combined with a sedentary lifestyle can cause increase stress on back, neck, shoulders and legs. There is a reason that most of the designers often complain of back and shoulder-pain, often associated with designers.

During these long hours, an ergonomically designed office chair helps maintain natural spine posture and avoid neck and shoulder pain. This not only adversely affects your health but also increases fatigue and reduces your efficiency. When you buy office chair with advanced ergonomics, it not only assures you necessary support for lumbar muscles but also helps you avoid fatigue and enhance your productivity.

Ergonomic Office Chair Online For Designers

When you buy office chairs online, you must double check for high-quality materials and ensure that the chair conforms to the guidelines laid by BIFMA/ ANSI to assure you comfort and durability. At HOF – as one of India’s trusted chairs suppliers, we ensure that each of our office chairs undergoes strict quality policy wherein regular multi-level checks are mandatory.

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Tips for Choosing Office Chairs for Designers:

Here are a few major tips that you must consider when purchasing office chair online for designer:

Adjustable Seat Height and Arms in Office Chair

We all have our personal preferences and while working prolong hours, a chair with adjustable seat height and arms allow you to adjust its fir according to your requirement.

Swivel Base Office Chair with Glass-Filled Nylon Casters

A swivel base offers you flexibility and mobility to move around the workspace. The Glass-filled nylon casters are both durable and versatile.

Office Chairs with Chair Mechanism

Chair mechanism automatically adjusts the office chair according to the posture of the occupant. The dynamic elements of chair mechanism, ranging from knee-tilt, synchro tilt to full-swing chair mechanism ensure that you get ultimate comfort no matter your posture.

Breathable Fabric in Office Chair

Choosing the right fabric on your office chair keeps you comfortable. Whether it is rexin, PU leather, Turkish leatherite, or mesh, not only does it avoid the irritating stickiness or scratching your skin but also makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Discover high-quality chairs online in India at HOF that score high on aesthetics and functionality to suit your profession and taste.