26 Apr

Budget Friendly Furniture For Small Offices

Budget Friendly Office Furniture for Small Offices

When you have restricted small space for your office, it is essential to furnish and design it in a way that makes it look spacious, uncluttered, organized and efficient. It needs a lot of creativity to carve out more room from the office space and help you whip up an outstanding, modern and stylish workspace.

The setup of your office affects the productivity and morale of your employees. From choosing furniture and décor that compliments the overall look of the area to organizing everything in place, there is a lot of permutation and combination involved.

To make the configuration of the office more productive and collaborative, focus on the bare essentials. It will not only cut the cost, but also promote employee focus.

Give your office a homey feel by upping the creativity game. There is a huge variety of office furniture available, let us help you with what kind of furniture will fit if your office is small.

Compact Desks

Choose a desk that makes the most of every precious inch of the office space, go with the desk which has drawers and a keyboard storage tray that slides out under the desk. Make sure the desk has enough space for your laptop/computer and a small table lamp if required.2

If you’re renting and aren’t interested in permanent changes, you can opt for portable desks with wheels. A small office should be distraction-free, so choose a desk that gives your office a clean look.

Multi-Purpose Shelves

When you’re facing the space crunch, consider adding multi-purpose shelves. It provides storage space at multiple levels while maximizing the utilization of vertical space available in the office. It increases the capacity of your space and makes it look more organized.


You can keep your books, files, awards, magazines and photographs. If you are not sure about the position of the shelves then consider buying a unit with wheels.

Compact Sofa

Create a stress-free business environment by adding a two-seater sofa in your small office space. It will not only make you feel at home, but also let your clients and business partner be comfortable and relaxed while sealing a million-buck deal.


HOF offers a wide variety of two-seater sofas to accommodate the smaller spaces. HOF has a limitless supply for office couches for the perfect and comfortable professional setting.

Ergonomic Chair

You should never compromise on the quality of the chairs and the health of your employees. Always go with chairs that make your employees comfortable and let them maintain a good body posture.


To evolve in the world of competition and advancement, it is a necessity to keep quality equipment and furniture in your office. The ergonomic chair keeps your employees from getting serious health issues. HOF has a variety of ergonomic chairs to choose from, they are affordable and provide you with ultimate support to your back.

Small filing cabinet

A small vertical filing cabinet is a compact solution to a small office space. These cabinets are useful where lots of clerical work is done. You can store your files, books, stationery and papers in them.

smaill filing cabinet - HOF chairs

One should always follow minimalist principles while designing a small office space, make sure the material is light in weight and can easily move from one place to another.

If you are an organization with a little space, then you can definitely trust HOF with your furnishing requirements. You can check our extensive range of products on shop.hofindia.com