9 Jan


Black Furniture

However there are a numerous colors to choose from, black is something that almost everybody loves! Be it a t-shirt or a leather chair, people would love buying BLACK! Here we want to talk specifically about black color in furniture for your home or office to make the ambiance more elegant and supreme.

Black is futuristic and unconventional. So it’s a smart choice to choose it over any other color furniture. Ranging from retro to sleek and modern, black furniture can suit many different home décor styles. But a decent look can merely be achieved if you can make the right combinations that go great with black furniture. Let’s have a clear idea on how you can make it work:

Try contemporary look

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Undoubtedly, nothing can pair better with black but white and silver! So choosing silver accessories around black furniture is the best option to give your home or office space a contemporary touch. You can do many things such as arranging a wooden/glass table or desk with silver legs, replacing your television stand with a silver/metal one, etc. You can also use some modern accents and wall pieces to give it a few distinct warm hues.

Complement with contrast colors

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Black is good but it becomes the best when it’s leather! For your office, it is the best thing to go with a black leather office chair because it symbolizes authority. If you have a black leather sofa, then buy some breezy fabric pillows made from cotton or linen to get a good contrast. Pillows of coral or lime yellow color would look vibrant and fill your home with a fresh aura. But don’t pick such colors for carpets or curtains, instead, for them, it is best you go for off-white or beige.

Try black and white

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Black and white is the most sophisticated look, especially when it’s about office décor. Opt for textured white or beige wall paint if you have black leather chair or sofa. For a classy look, mix crisp white accessories and accents with black furniture. Zebra-striped pillows would also go very well with it. If you are going to try black and white theme for your bedroom, then don’t forget to add rich red blanket and curtains, for the pop look!

Go retro

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This is the best theme you can go with when it comes to black furniture. On your walls, hang some portraits of old movie icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Humphrey Bogart or Bette Davis in vintage frames. In case you are not much influenced by fashion and film industry, buy some starburst wall clocks or mirrors which would look outstanding with your black furniture.

Other than this, there are endless options to select from to make some right and bright combinations with black. Moreover black comes with many advantages such as ease of maintenance and stain hiding abilities. But if you go for black leather, be ready to boast your power, superiority, strength and elegance.

So if you still don’t have black furniture, go and buy leather chairs, sofas or anything else because black is beautiful!