28 Jun

Are ergonomics and Activity Based Workplace Compatible

Ergonomics Chairs

Activity Based Workplace (AWB) is not just an alternative to traditional office chairs and desk arrangement, rather brings you real business value in the new changing world.

The new-age companies of the knowledge-led economy are driven by technology and flexibility as their top priority with less emphasis on space per employee. This design philosophy not only helps save real estate costs or fosters meaningful collaborations but also emphasis the need for ergonomic furniture like office chairs.

The shift to leaner and flexible workspaces gives organizations the opportunity to choose quality ergonomic office chairs. This offers both durable ergonomic benefits and adds to the design aesthetics of AWB.

What is Activity Based Workplace?

Technology is dramatically changing the way we work and the growing role of cloud computing, rise in mobile, Wi-Fi have together made employees more mobile and flexible. ABW caters to such a work ecosystem and is therefore a common theme in the workplaces of tomorrow.

Many major companies and new age tech start-ups have embraced ABW major companies and with that a renewed focuses on ergonomic furniture for office such as office chairs, executive chairs or even contemporary fabric sofas for lounge areas. The leaner and collaborative workspace has little use for storage and dedicated workspace in office. The absence of a dedicated desk space for each employee results in big cost saving, especially in context of the rise in small and flexible offices.

This allows companies to invest in ergonomic office chairs that are durable and of world-class quality. With wide range of office chairs online in India, their search for perfect ergonomic office chairs is made easier. However, ABW is not for every organization and no one-size fits all and is best adopted based on the size, structure, location and business objective of your organization.

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How Activity Based Workplace and Ergonomics Benefit?

Activity Based Workplace together with ergonomic furniture significantly enhances the workplace flexibility and efficiency.

More Focus on Ergonomics:

The big savings allow companies to invest in high quality office chairs that are durable and feature advanced ergonomic features.  Shared spaces and ‘Hot-Desking’ further compels companies to buy office chairs that are durable and offer sustained comfort and higher efficiency. This also offers companies an opportunity to explore various varieties of office chairs online from office chairs suppliers that deliver technological innovations in ergonomics.

Employee well-being and engagement:

Together with ergonomically designed office chairs, desks and workstations, Activity Based Working (ABW) promotes well-being and employee health. With fixed workstations eliminated and more opportunity for movement, these two complement to take employee well-being and engagement to the next level.

Meaningful collaborations in workplace and employee engagement:

Researches have consistently highlighted that ABW together with ergonomics results in more meaningful collaborations. The absence of locked workspace has a positive impact on office culture and employee engagement.