3 May

How about trying tangerine colored revolving chair and sofa?

Fabric Sofa

Summer is here and these hot days come with slothful and sedentary routine. The ambiance you live in everyday – your room’s interior and furniture have great impact on your mood and the routine that you live. We are here to add zeal and gusto to your summer routine.

Incorporation of bright and vibrant shades to your room will add vigor and positive energy. Tangerine is one of such shades to enhance the liveliness of your ambiance. We, at HOF India, have some best options of premium chairs online and fabric sofas for you in tangerine shade. Have a look:

MARCO 1011 H

professional high back chair

This is a professional high back chair which is available in tangerine shade. This premium chair is designed ergonomically, keeping in mind the human body structure. Apart from adding zeal to your space with its vibrant color, this chair would make sure that you get ultimate comfort. Waterfall design is one of the best features of this MARCO 1011 H which gives better support to your thighs, back and arms. So buy chair now!

MARCO 1012 M

ergonomic revolving chair

Like MARCO 1011 H, this is also an ergonomic revolving chair. Having body-oriented design, this revolving chair provides highly comfortable sitting experience. It comes with rich textures that are inherent to nature. So bring home this premium revolving chair and add tangerine vibrancy to your working space.

Napoli Fabric Sofa

premium fabric sofa

This premium fabric sofa is designed in Italy and made in India. It comes with exclusive high-quality fabric called Pantheon 916. Its special high-density foam ensures great comfort. Its solid wood structure with termite proof wood makes sure that the sofa requires less maintenance and lasts forever. So buy this tangerine colored Napoli fabric sofa and add fervor to your living room.

Make this summer livelier with tangerine colored furniture pieces. Happy summer!