20 May

A Quick Guide to Quality Assurance Standards Adopted by HOF

HOF Chair Quality Assurance

HOF Furniture system meets industry’s highest quality assurance standards which are adopted by world’s leading furniture manufacturers.

These tests conform to guidelines laid down by BIMFA/ American National Standard Institute (ANSI). These quality assurance standards ensure the safety and durability of any ergonomic chair. Moreover HOF also follows a strict quality policy with regular multi-level checks that you select at. These are some of the most stringent and difficult tests that ensure that the final product is nothing but the best.

Quality Tests

Here is a quick guide to the world-class quality test standards adopted by HOF Furniture solutions for testing ergonomically designed chairs. The various tests include Backrest Tests, Base Tests, Drop Tests, Swivel cycle test, Tilt mechanism test,  Seat durability tests, front load test, front stability test, Rear ability tests Arm strength tests, Back durability tests, Footrest durability test and more.

Here is a sneak peek into two of the major such quality tests:

Tilting Mechanism Test

Objective: It evaluates the ability of the tilt mechanism (Synchro tilt-mechanism or multi function mechanism) to withstand the fatigue stress and wear by repeated tilting.

Procedure: A load of 45 kg is placed on the seat and back pulled/pushed without over riding or impacting both ends of the mechanism at the vertical center-line for 75000 cycles at the rate of 10 to 30 cycles per minute.

Base Load Test

Objective: It evaluates the ability of the pedestal to withstand the stress caused by excessive vertical forces.


A load of 1050 kg for PP base and 1200 kg for metal base is applied twice for a period of 1 minute

Chair Quality Assurance Standards Adopted by HOF

Caster / Chair Base Durability Test

Purpose:  This performance test is used to evaluate the stamina and ability of the seating  for say-to-day use.


A load of 120 kg placed in a hopper and mounted on the pedestal base with caster free to rotate and swivel. The chair is pulled/ pushed to and fro with a stroke length of approximately 762mm for 2000 cycles over and obstacles and then 98000 cycles without the obstacle at the rate of 10+/- 2 cycles per minute.

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