30 Nov

A few things to keep in mind while buying a sofa

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If you plan to purchase a new sofa, you surely have to consider a few things because after all you have to select the one which is perfect in terms of color, fabric, quality, comfort and cost (utmost important). But while buying a sofa, sometimes you’re so focused about what you want and select the one. You forget to check a few things such as the material used in it, how long it would last and whether the deal is perfect for what you are spending. So here are a few things to consider while buying a new sofa-set:


Sturdy wooden frame is the best one because if it is made of soft wood, then there are chances of it getting warped or wobbled within five to six years. Such sofas may be available at low prices but are not ideal. Hardwood frame is more durable than the plastic or metal frame sofas. Moreover, its legs should also be a part of the frame or should be joined with dowels or screws and not just with glue.


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Springs are used in most sofas and since the bounciness of the sofas depend mostly on the springs, going for a good quality sofa with a good quality spring is advisable. Good quality sofas often come with eight-way-hand-tied springs whereas serpentines are also used in some. Both are better and comfortable but not all. So find out the type and quality of spring used in your sofa.


When you’re going to buy a sofa, check what is used for the filling in the cushions. It should be distortion-free foam. Polyurethane foam is a low-cost cushion filling and requires very less care. Some manufacturers also use foam and Dacron for the filling. You have to check whether the quality of filling is good or not.


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When it comes to cover fabric, there are a number of options in the market. For everyday use, linen and cotton fabric sofa is the best option. If you have pets, then it is advisable to choose the tightly-woven fabric. When talking about the color, make sure to go for a dark shade in case you’ve kids and there are chances of stains. If you’re thinking to buy one with a leather cover, then check that high quality leather is used in it.

Lastly, you should also consider the dimensions of sofa because it is equally important that it can pass from the doorway, stairway and different passages of your apartment!

P.S.: If you’re planning to buy sofa online, then you can know most of these things from the product description or specifications. For anything further, you can always drop a mail to their given email id.