29 Jan

6 Tips to help you improve your sitting posture


Sitting PostureAs we talked in our previous post, there is no clear definition of an ideal sitting posture. It varies from person to person. But at the same time, it is not advisable to sit in the same position for a long period of time because it may make your body joints stiff and cause body ache. So it’s beneficial for your body to keep moving in order to avoid such problems. But only changing your posture often cannot help you, it is necessary that you maintain a good posture every time you sit, be it on your couch or your dining table chair or on your office chair. But how? Yes, it’s difficult to constantly keep an eye on your posture while working, but it is definitely not impossible! Here are a few tips to help you out:

#1 Identify why you want a good posture

To breathe efficiently? To avoid back pain? To change others’ perception about you? Or to feel more confident? Be clear about why you want to have a good posture so that when you feel lazy and want to sink in your seat, it can remind you not to do so.

#2 Ground both the feet while sitting

No matter whether you’re standing or sitting, make sure that both your feet are planted flat on the floor. It is an observed habit of people to rest their entire body on a particular foot which is not advisable. Also, whether you’re watching TV at home sitting on your couch or sitting on your office chair and working, don’t cross your legs. Keep them straight and grounded on the floor. This would help you maintain the upper half of your body straight.

#3 Get good quality furniture

An ergonomically-designed chair would give great support to all curves of your body and help maintain them in a natural posture. So if you’re going to buy office chairs, don’t buy any random chair, do a good research and opt for nothing but an ergonomic chair. Remember to check out different aspects of the chairs such as material, design, quality and durability.

#4 Set a reminder

It’s not that people don’t want to have a good posture. They definitely want to. They even keep an eye on themselves to maintain it. But after a few days, they forget to maintain it or lose track of keeping note of their posture until someone else reminds them of it! A reminder in form of an alarm or a note in front of your eyes would help you check your posture throughout the day. Gradually, you’ll take it as a natural practice and soon you’d be able to sit in a good posture.

#5 Don’t cultivate bad habits

Don’t support your face with your hands while watching TV or while peeping into the computer screen. Don’t work under dim light because it causes you to slouch in your chair in order to look into your screen closely. At home, it’s of course in your hands, but if possible, maintain this practice at your office as well; make good use of the features of your office chair.

#6 Exercises to your rescue

Strengthen your back by doing exercises. These include yoga, Pilates or simple stretching exercises. Don’t worry, you don’t need to do this for 30 minutes or so. 5 to 10 minutes every day is more than enough!

You can try the above tips and check out whether they work for you to improve and maintain a good posture! But these tips work well for just a short period of time. If you really want to have a good posture and avoid several health issues, then you should buy office executive chairs which are designed ergonomically. You can check the range here: http://shop.hofindia.com/office-chairs