13 Feb

5 ways you can remodel your office and attract new hires

Revolving Chairs

Revolving Chairs

If you are a smart business owner, you know how to make your business successful, right? May be by hiring talented resources?  But it’s not that easy!

You might have faced the situation that you don’t get a lot of good resources. Well, rather than posting your vacancy, there are many other ways you can go for! One of them is to show-off your stylish office interior and extraordinary employee treatment. They will be attracted and would come to you. This trick certainly works in today’s highly competitive corporate world.

Going further on this topic, it is advisable not to stick with the old interior designs and those boring grey cubicles. We can help you with some ideas to remodel your office so that you can keep your employees happy and attract new hires:

1. Say ‘bye’ to cubicles

An open office is a fashion now-a-days. As per a study, it is an observation that employees work better when they aren’t confined to tiny little cubes. They give the employees a feeling of entrapment. If you walk-in to some big companies, you would find a forward-thinking ambiance. Open space concept offices encourage employee interaction and open-up line of communication.

2. Colors matter!

Bright and bold colors are good for office as they bring energy and life to the office environment. Not only the colors of walls or interiors but also the furniture colors matter! If there is a provision of revolving chairs for your employees, you can think of their different colors rather than opting for the boring grey or black ones. Because such colors make the employees feel lazy and bored which ultimately result into their decreased productivity. Bright pops of happy colors make your employees excited to come to work and come-up with new ideas.

3. De-stress zone

Many times it happens that employees are stressed but find no space to de-stress themselves. Creating small reflection areas in your office is a solution to keep them fresh and de-stressed. That way, you can boast to potential hires that if they join your company, they’d have a place to go to and relax. These areas don’t need to be much spacious. Sometimes, just a small room with dim lighting, a few ergonomically-designed revolving office chairs and a table top is all you need.

4. Gaming area

A few fun games brought into the office can make your workplace look more interesting. Also, this attractive office would get you potential hires. Keep the games like pool or table tennis because such games encourage co-workers to have fun together and get along better. Sometimes, it is easier to solve tough problems while having fun!

5. Right office chair

It might seem a small thing, but the right office chairs can make all the difference, especially when the employees are required to sit at their desk for long hours. Also, it is an unavoidable fact that your employees may want revolving chairs for the comfortable experience throughout the day. If the chairs in your office have seen many days, consider getting some newer ones for your employees. These new chairs can help your office feel happier and younger than before.

And last but not the least, maintain a good tone for your staff in the office. These things together would get you happy employees and new talent knocking down to your door.

All the best!

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