3 May

5 Ways to regain the lost charm of your sofa

HOF Sofa_Cover

Getting bored with the same look of your sofa?

Want an instant makeover?

No need to buy a new one!

After all, you might have paid a lot of bucks for its purchase!

Don’t worry, we have a simple way to restore the lost charm!

Replace the old boring pillow covers with the new exciting ones. Not much a fuss!

Consider these 5 ways and make your room lively, once again:

#1 Try the texture

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If you have really got bored with your monotonous sofa, then experiment diverse things for the pillow covers such as colors, shapes, materials, etc. But along with that, you can consider trying the texture as well. It would enhance the beauty of that boring couch.

#2 Mix and match

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Choose a few coverings with texture and others with random prints on them. Place them on a beige or creamy white colored sofa set. If you pick some really vibrant colors, it would pour a positive energy to your room. Using vibrant colors in the living room always maintains the cheerful environment.

#3 Play with colors

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Covers are available in end number of colors today. You can easily experiment various hues and make pairs. Magenta and grass green is an atypical combination, especially when arranged nicely on the couch having one of these two shades. Several other combos are there that look fantastic – turquoise and beige, wine red and black, lilac and plum to name a few.

#4 Shape it up!

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People mostly prefer to go with those cliché rectangular or square shapes. But it’s not necessary, why not play with shapes? They can be round, cylindrical, conical and even some exceptional shapes (as this owl shaped one). If you’re not planning to buy new pillows having a variety of shapes, not to worry. Do a trick with prints or hues of covers. If buying them is also not an option, then pair different shapes of pillows together, like the one below.

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#5 Narrate your interests

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Customizing the covers is a unique way to resemble your interests. For example, go with some cartoon characters most liked by your child for the couch placed in his/her room or your bedroom chaise lounge can have the pillows with a sketch of your favorite actor.

Whether you have bought a sofa online or offline, you must have invested a lot in it. And it is such a piece of furniture that cannot be replaced again and again. So use these smart tips and re-fill that lost charm to it!

Have fun!