16 Mar

5 Types of sofa that you should know about

A sofa is one item of furniture that can be found in all homes irrespective of it being a tiny apartment or a grand mansion. Sofa turns out be a place for your midday naps and lazy weekends, movie nights and catching up with old friends & guests. Usually we focus on the color and size of a couch but we tend to forget that its shape is also an important aspect of this quintessential piece of furniture. So, the next time you buy one you should be aware of what exactly you are looking for!

Chesterfield – A chesterfield styled sofa is easily identifiable. The back and arms are tufted and of same height. The outward rolled arms give it a luxurious look along with providing comfort while seated. The story around the sofa goes that the 4th Earl of Chesterfield, Lord Philip Stanhope, requested the local craftsmen to design a sofa that allows men to sit upright yet comfortably without wrinkling their clothes. These sofas are perfect when you want to impress your visitors.

Lawson–It is probably the most commonly used sofa today. It was originally created for American businessman Thomas Lawson at the turn of 20th Century. These sofas boast of a simple and comfortable style, ditching the ornate style of sofas which were popular at the time. The design of Napoli is inspired from a Lawson sofa. The main features of such a sofa are its box shape, tailored looks and arms much lower than its back. Such a design makes it perfect for napping. This sofa is also versatile in terms of fabric options and color options to make it as formal or casual as you want.

Mid Century–A mid-century style of sofa is ideal for a minimal home due to its defined shape and composed look. Also, a slight tilt in the back makes it a comfortable choice for your leisure time. Its design adds a retro look to the house. It is a popular choice amongst people that appreciate mid-century modern architecture.

Lounge Sofas–L shaped sofas turn out to be more spacious as compared to traditional sofas. Design of Serio will thus allow you to accommodate more number of people in a comfortable seating without giving the room a cluttered look. Lounge sofas that are detachable can be easily configured to desired shapes and set in different angles. You can simply arrange the different pieces in various orders and find the exact look that fits your room structure and size.

Daybed –The main purpose of a daybed is to use it as a seating during the day and as a bed at night. It is the most appropriate for a small apartment where one might not have enough space to accommodate an extra guest bed. A daybed does not have a back and hence needs to be placed against the wall for back support.


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