2 Dec

5 Tips to Boost Office Ergonomics and Productivity in 2017

Ergonomic Office Chairs

Did you think that increasing your office productivity started and ended with people?

Of-course they are your most critical asset however you can choose to have intelligently designed workplace to boost up the productivity in your office in the year 2017. While ergonomically designed executive chairs in indeed a natural and popular choice, there are a lot many other ways too, that allow you to transform your office into an inspiring place to work:

5 Tips to Boost Office Productivity in 2017

Ergonomically Designed Furniture:

Investing in quality ergonomically designed furniture is essentially investing in your people. From executive chairs like HOF Marco 1006 M to ergonomic desk, lighting or performance tables. Not only do they offer comfort and avoid fatigue, they also add to the look of the office and contribute to well-being of your employees, which further translates into high employee morale.

Assorted Arrangements:

The modern office of 2017 is all about collaboration and engagement. However each department has a different way of working, for instance the BD team needs more interactions and client calling as opposed to the graphic designing team that need more of a free space and quite work environment. Therefore it is best to assort them in different places across your office. This ensures that things move smoothly.

Office Ergonomics Chair

Flexible Layout and Modular Furniture:

The new workplace of 2017 is flexible and with changing dynamics it is important that both the layout and furniture reflect this flexibility. Therefore flexible layout and modular furniture go a long way in creating intelligent workplace that drives collaboration in 2017.


Make the most of natural light you have. Lighting has a significant impact on boosting the productivity quotient of your office. . Ensure that your office has plenty of fresh natural light. You can also opt for LED lighting as it is both cost-effective, efficient and comes without the ill-effects of artificial lighting.


Modern office of 2017 are vibrant and choosing bright colors will have a positive impact towards to boost productivity and contribute to a stimulating environment.


These together form the building blocks of a modern productive office that drives employee growth, well-being and business success. At HOF, our commitment to using cutting-edge technology with our expertise in furniture design has resulted in a wide range of ergonomically designed executive chairs.