21 Dec

5 Tips for Creating the Perfect Home Office

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With a rise in the diversity of the job market and the type of work that is available, the concept of ‘work from home’ is becoming increasingly popular. It is viewed as convenient and sustainable and is preferred by employees and encouraged to some extent by employers. That being said, creating a workspace within your home can help increase productivity as well as effectiveness.

There are several ways in which you can design your home office. If your work mainly includes filing and paperwork, you can simply add a small desk/cabinet along with a bookshelf in a designated room for easy accessibility. An important point to keep in mind is that whatever space you choose to work in, must be primarily quiet and without distractions. With aesthetics come furniture and the idea is to get elements that are both pleasing as well as functional.

Keep It Real And Simple: Thanks to Pinterest, we are exposed to a hundred images of house décor and what not. It is essential to browse for inspiration but more important to understand that those pictures have a different setting. Upholstered antique chairs look great but cannot accommodate 40-hour work weeks. Tiny vintage desks can rarely fit your project files and bright colours above your desk can actually hinder mental activity. Make sure that your space is light and airy.

Store More To Get More: We all know the importance of getting paperwork done at the right time but none of us wants our home office to be scattered with papers. The best way to get the most out of your work at home is to stay focused, get creative with storage options such as magazine racks, display shelves or bookcases. You can also convert an unused closet into a shelving system to minimize clutter.

Nature Knows Best: Being able to create an office space in your home is wonderful, however, if you surround yourself only with artificial lights and lamps, it transforms into a corporate cubicle. Reflexively, people are known to place their desks against the darkest corner in the room. Move your desk close to the windows where you can enjoy the natural light to look away from your screen and take in the scene.

P For Personalize: Once you have been given the go sign to work from home, it is time to decorate with all the things you couldn’t at the office. Put frames of family photos on your desk and around you but make sure to change it up often. You can also hang mementoes of success, wall pieces that make you laugh as well as a bottle of your favourite scent.

More Is Less: A necessary trait to inculcate into your home office is discipline. You don’t want to be darting out of your office every few minutes to supplies such as staplers, paper clips or stamps. Overstock all your office supplies to ensure maximum focus. You can also consider keeping a small fridge or kettle to keep you refreshed during work hours.

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