16 Aug

5 questions you should ask yourself before buying a branded sofa

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When you are furnishing your home, you invest plenty of your time in researching, window shopping, and mulling. A sofa is a major investment and is one of the most important pieces of your home.  You often find yourself oscillating between two options – whether to get a sofa from a local market or to buy a branded sofa from a renowned manufacturer.

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Local markets provide customers with attractive designs and colours by overlooking the quality factor. Branded Sofas are always the most sought-after option since brands use quality materials and exceptional designs to position themselves in the market. If they will use cheap raw material and wood, they will end up tarnishing the brand value. If you buy furniture from the local market, then they might bail on you after 3-4 years and you might end up replacing them.

Finding the perfect sofa might feel the same as dating, as it involves a lot of work to find “the one” but, once you do, it’ll be a great source of comfort and togetherness. Everyone has a different definition for “the one”, but there are some common traits we all agree on that it should be – comfortable, a reflection of your personality and a great fit for your room dimension.

To make the task straightforward, we have put together 5 questions you should ask yourself before taking the plunge;

Question 1 – How much do I want to spend?

There’s no denying that sofa is a big investment for your living space. You should critically analyze the feasibility of your finances before arriving at a decision. Survey the prices of sofas online and understand their unique benefits. Do some virtual window shopping to compare the various price ranges that suit your style and living room design.

Question 2 – Do you own a house or you keep changing your residence?

Sofas are heavy and not easy to move from one place to another. What fits in your current house might not fit in the next one. It is crucial for you to purchase a sofa based on how settled you are.

If your job involves you to move from one place to another after every project, then you should not invest your money in expensive sofas. If you’re relatively settled, then go for a mid-range sofa, it will be a great fit for you. If you’re settled and have no plans to move anywhere, then you are in for a long haul and can spend on a high-quality expensive piece.

Question 3 – How trendy are you?

If you fall for trends easily, then do not sink your money into something you’ll not like after a year or two. Invest in inexpensive and mid-range sofas which you can easily replace. If trends don’t bother you, then you can invest in good quality or a statement piece. A sofa that will look great always irrespective of trends – something with a unique design, leather and the frame.

Question 4 – Do you have kids/pets at home?

If you have kids and you don’t pay heed to the stains, wear and tear, then invest in a sturdy and durable sofa. It should be made of stain-resistant fabrics and quality material which will be able to take whatever your kids and pets throw at them.

If you are a fussy pet owner and the parent then you should invest in a budget-friendly piece. A sofa that you will not mind replacing if it gets worn out.
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Question 5 – How much time you spend on it?

If you spend little time in your living room and are not a social butterfly, then you can spend on a sofa that is budget-friendly. You need not invest in ultra-comfort, outstanding design and high-quality sofas.

If your sofa is your alter ego – something you spend your weekends with, binge watch tv-series and arrange movie-night with friends, then you should get a quality piece.

All things considered

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